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Monday Escape: Victoria, Republic of Seychelles


Victoria is the beautiful capital city of the archipelago nation of the Republic of Seychelles, located off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Although 90% of the country’s population lives here, it still pulls in well under 100,000 residents. And the beaches here are can’t-miss.

Attractions in the city include a clocktower modeled on that of Vauxhall Clock Tower in London, England, the Courthouse, the Victoria Botanical Gardens, the Victoria National Museum of History, the Victoria Natural History Museum and the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market.

The principal exports of Victoria are vanilla, coconuts, coconut oil, tortoise shell, soap, and guano. Sounds just about right, eh? Fishing and canning form the city’s main industry, although tourism also pulls its own weight.

The city is located on the archipelago’s largest island, Mahé, which is also home to the beautiful Morne Seychellois National Park, Baie Ternay Marine National Park and Port Launay Marine National Park. The Ste Anne Marine National Park lies offshore, as do Conception Island, Thérèse Island, Anonyme Island and Silhouette Island.

All in all, environmental protections are very strict in Seychelles, and that means there’s a lot of untouched natural beauty. Seychelles hosts some of the largest seabird colonies in the world, and the marine life around the islands, especially the more remote coral islands, can be spectacular. More than 1,000 species of fish have been recorded.

Culturally, the local society is matriarchial, so mothers tend to dominate the household. The music of Seychelles is diverse, and a complex form of percussion music called contombley is popular, as is Moutya, a fusion of native folk rhythms with Kenyan benga developed by Ton Pa.

Enticed yet? The islands had no native indigenous population, so you might say that all of its occupants are expats in some respect. Could you be the next?


3 thoughts on “Monday Escape: Victoria, Republic of Seychelles

  1. I have visited Seychelles twice, first I stayed on Mahe, then La Digue. From all the places I have travelled to, Seychelles will always be my weakness. I was dreaming of moving there, but it is so expensive – houses are paid with cash, martgages are not the rule.

  2. Its my first time in this wonderfull place am around for bussiness and for the 3months ill be around am hoping to enjoy every bit of my stay

  3. We have been to the Seychelles 15 times and going again this year. Of the 38 countries we have visited, this place remains our favourite. It is amazing.

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