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Parks and Gardens in Bratislava, Slovakia


Sad Janka Krala

Sad Janka Krala is a park in the Petrzalka borough of Bratislava, and it is one of the oldest municipal parks in Europe. It was established in the 1770s, and named after a Slovak poet. The Danube River bounds the park to the north, across from Old Town. The famous gothic tower (above) is the main landmark in Sad Janka Krala, which is a popular place for people to meet. This city park is a great place to enjoy peaceful trees and lawn areas without straying far from the city center. Also located in this park are the Arena Theater and Petrzalka Football Stadium.


Medicka Zahrada

Medicka Zahrada is situated north east of Old Town. It receives its name from being close to the Faculty of Medicine. It is known as a relaxing spot where locals like to enjoy themselves in the summer months.


Botanicka Zahrada

Botanicka Zahrada, Bratislava’s Botanical Gardens, is the first of these types of gardens to open in Slovakia. It is located in the borough of Karlova Ves, near the Danube River. There are about 5,000 plant species around these gardens.



Kuchajda is a natural swimming pool that is located near the Polus City Center of Bratislava. Along with water sports, there are also facilities for running, basketball, outdoor table tennis, soccer and volleyball. They offer amenities for the pool like a shower and dressing room.


Forest Park

Bratislava’sĀ Forest Park is a mountainous park located outside of the urban area, in the Little Carparthians mountain range. It is a nice place to escape the city, as it is over 10 square miles packed with pleasant flora and fauna. Some native animals live in this park, like red foxes, grass snakes and European badgers. It is more of a nature preserve than a city park, but is still accessible via public transportation. Over 95% of this park is covered by forests, but there are also some meadows, developed grounds and water.


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