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Would You Dance With Me?

I have been following the last season of “So you think you can dance” on ABC and was happily surprised by the diversity of dances American tv producers  can show to the public.

It reminded me that dance is a form of expression used by all people in the world for centuries.  It can use many different techniques, it can express  joy, sadness, or passion… No matter what your culture is, everyone will always understand what you try to communicate with dance. In fact, it’s an absolute social necessity!

So why not give it a try? It could be a good opportunity to do some exercise, meet new friends, enjoy music and eventually learn something about a foreign country you’re interested in.

What about some latino dances?



Originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay, it spread to the rest of the world very fast. Its influences come from Spanish and African culture, and movements can be explained by the crowd in the ballroom leaving more or less space between lead and follow dancers. Do you have a special interest in fashion? Put your high-heeled shoes on and pick the perfect dress to show your legs.



The Capoeira is a Brazilian dance apparently created in Brazil by slaves from Africa improvising fighting movements. Circles were formed on the music and dancers would take turns and perform acrobatic movements.  Great to evacuate your energy and stress at the end of the week!



The Flamenco is coming from the South of Spain in Andalusia where culture mix is important. Influences are coming from Arabic, Spanish and Gypsy cultures. This strong dance is very expressive and intense, and the foot work is requiring a lot of practice. This is for you if you enjoy theatrical performances.



Another dance coming from Brazil with African roots but a very joyful one as it is the symbol of Brazilian Carnival. Do you love to party? Samba is for you!



Salsa is a dance created by Spanish-speaking people from the Caribbean.  Very energetic and seductress, this dance is not for you if you suffer from lower back pain!

But you could also try many other dances like Hindu Dance, Belly dance, African Dance, Sirtaki, Pow Wow, Breakdance… Possibilities are endless!


Readers, what dances have you seen or tried and what emotions have you experienced ? Share your stories in the comments section.

(Picture credits: Hindu Dance: Jorge Avina http://www.signans.com/photofolio/)


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