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Exploring the Forests of Sweden

Sweden has an assortment of beautiful forests throughout its borders. There are some smaller, easily reachable forest parks with developments like cottages, boating facilities and zoo parks, as well as untouched natural lands that are hardly visited.



Komarden is located between the Swedish agricultural provinces of Ostergotland and Sodermanland. This large forest is today cut through by two railways and a highway, making areas of these woods easily accessible. Some people go there to rent cottages and enjoy the wildlife and scenery. There is a famous zoo in this forest, the Kolmarden Wildlife Park.



Tiveden is situated in Orebro and Vastra Gotaland Counties, and is a designated national park that is 13.5 square kilometers in size. Historically, it had the reputation of being a hiding spot for outlaws. In spite of this, the forest contains an array of beautiful scenery, including several red lakes with waterlilies. A number of sporting opportunities are available at Tiveden, such as canoeing, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, fishing and more. Though a popular nature place to visit, there are not many animals in this forest.


Norrland forests

Norrland is located in the northern regions of Sweden, containing nine provinces. This part of the country has a small population that mostly resides on the coastal regions. Towards the interior, there are no big cities and very little development. Norrland consists mainly of some rural areas and lots of virgin wilderness. Those who can handle the intensely cold weather can take advantage of the beautiful wooded areas and rivers.



Kilsbergen is a short mountain range separating the regions of Varmland and Narke. For its latitude, Kilsbergen has a very unusual abundance of plants and wildlife. It is especially known for its population of elk. People visit Kilsbergen to take advantage of the hiking and skiing opportunities, as well as for camping trips.


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