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Exploring the Mountains of Switzerland: The Swiss Alps


The small country of Switzerland is very famous for its mountains, being home to about 20% of the Alps. Many of these Swiss mountain areas are developed, and people can get around through trains, cog railways and aerial cable cars. It is probably the best western European country to relocate if you are looking for heights and peaks. It is also an excellent place to go for different mountain sports, including skiing, biking, snowboarding, hiking and climbing.

Switzerland holds several European records for its impressive mountains, as the country has the highest quantity of high peaks in the continent. In terms of height, Switzerland has the highest railway station, in the Canton of Berne, at 11,33o feet (3,454 meters); the highest brewery in Europe, in Monton, at 5,250 feet (1,600 meters); the highest permanently inhabited village, called Juf, at 7,000 feet (2,126 meters). There is also the steepest European road used by coaches in Switzerland, as well as Aletsch, the longest European glacier.


About 100 peaks are around or over 13,135 feet (4,000 meters). The most famous mountain is Matterhorn (above), standing at 14,692 feet (4,478 meters). It is located in the Pennine Alps, on the border of Switzerland and Italy. It is one of the most dangerous peaks to climb in this range, as there have been several fatalities. Nevertheless, parts of it have been developed, as railways and cable cars were built, attracting many climbers and other adventurous athletes and visitors.

Monte Rosa
Monte Rosa

The highest peak of Switzerland is Monte Rosa, aka Dufourspitze, which stands at 15,203 feet (4,633 meters). It is the highest point of the Pennine Alps, and the second highest mountain in western Europe. It is also located between Switzerland and Italy. A handful of very adventurous people attempt to climb Monte Rosa on the west side each summer.

There are also the Bernese Alps, full of many tall peaks. One main summit is called Jungfrau, which exists between the cantons of Valais and Bern; it is 13,462 feet tall (4,158 meters). Jungfrau is part of a massive wall, along with the mountains Eiger and Monch. There is a Jungfraujoch railway that is east of the summit, so it is one of the most visited spots in the Swiss Alps. The glacier, Aletsch, is also near here; the Jungfrau-Aletsch area is marked as a UNESCO World Hertiage site.

St Moritz

Over in the eastern alps is Piz Bernina, standing at 4,049 meters (13,284 meters). St Moritz, a well-known resort, is around this mountain. It is a famous spot for people to climb and ski, home to railways and many other developments.


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