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Dogs on Mexico Beach, Florida

Many people wonder what the rule is for taking your dog onto the beach in Mexico Beach. Unfortunately the answer is not quite as pleasant as any pet owner would hope; the city of Mexico Beach has prohibited dogs on their beach, including on the leash.

However – pay attention now – this only applies to the actual city owned property of Mexico Beach which is approximately 3 miles long and consists of the ‘downtown’ (I use that word very loosely) area of the town. You may take your dogs on the beach north and south of Mexico beach and will have lots and lots and lots of distance to run, walk and play in the surf.

Seeing as how I’ll tell you where to take your dogs, you have to promise to be a good dog owner and pick up after your pet and keep them leashed when the beach is crowded or the enforcement people are around so you don’t ruin this rare opportunity for the rest of us who do these things. Officially I think the rule is that you need to keep your dog leashed, but there are no signs and no one seems to mind as long as your dog is well behaved – and you are too!

On the North End

Take Highway 98 north like you are heading out of town toward Panama City Beach. Once you get to the north end of town, right after you cross over the bridge over the canal, turn left onto Canal St. Follow Canal St until it ends at the beach – it is about 1000 feet as the road turns. Park, then take your dog onto the beach to play!

On the South End

Take Highway 98 south like you are heading out of town toward Port St. Joe. At approximately where the Lookout Lounge is located (Triton St and Highway 98), you will pass from Bay County to Gulf County. Watch for the sign on the right hand side of the road heading south. Gulf county is dog friendly, and they allow you to take your pet on the beach. You can park anywhere on the side of the road there is room as long as you don’t block driveways and there isn’t a no parking sign. Park, walk over the dunes (carefully so you don’t disturb the natural habitat!) and take your dog for a long walk on the beach heading south.

Cape San Blas

If you’re looking for an even more secluded area to take your dog on the beach, head out to Cape San Blas, about 30 minutes drive south down Highway 98 (follow the signs) and find a beach access point where you can get to the beach. The residents and visitors on Cape San Blas are extremely dog friendly, and many times you will practically have the beach to yourself. Even during busy times, the beach on Cape San Blas is nowhere near crowded.


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