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Hotels in Mexico Beach, Florida

Mexico Beach does not have any true “hotels” although there are motels that serve the same purpose of comfortable overnight lodging. Most travelers don’t even know the difference so they wouldn’t complain having a nice motel instead of nice hotel. Now days, the difference between a hotel and a motel amounts to the fact that motels have guest rooms where the doors open to the outside of the building, while hotels have guest rooms where the doors open to the inside of the building, typically toward a hallway or courtyard. It is also very common for beach communities (and other places where people enjoy the outdoors) for there to be more motels than hotels. Motels are usually a bit smaller, although many motels can be larger than small hotels. The El Governor Motel in Mexico Beach for example, has 120 rooms making it a large motel

That being said, here is a list of the motels in Mexico Beach:

Buena Vista Motel

Driftwood Inn

El Governor Motel

Gulf View Motel

  • Highway 98 & 15th Street, Mexico Beach, FL 32410
  • 850-648-5955