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Fort Lauderdale has amazingly cheap flights at the moment

KutaBeachWhen some people think of Fort Lauderdale they imagine an old-timey military base, perhaps like the one they defended on the TV show “F Troop.” But the reality is that there’s no fort there anymore, and now the city is mostly known as a mid-market beach city near Miami.

Better still, Fort Lauderdale has its own international airport, and right now you can get some amazing bargain flights from all over the United States. The timing is great because starting in October the heat and humidity back off enough to really enjoy the beach, and the dry season begins as well.

Destination: Fort Lauderdale

First off let’s talk about some of the amazing airfare bargains out there right now. You can fly from Los Angeles to Ft. Lauderdale for $210 round-trip, which is one of the most astounding cross-country airfares we’ve seen in a decade or more. Usually it costs a lot more to fly from the Pacific Northwest (an area where sunny holidays are really nice for its residents starting in October) and you can get from Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale for $280 or from Portland for $290.

Fares from San Diego are only $230, and it’s only $250 round-trip from Las Vegas. If you are near Dallas then you are in great shape as flights starting there can be found for a mind-blowing $130 round-trip. What are you waiting for?

Fort Lauderdale has abundant hotels along its main beach strip, and they can get a bit expensive around Christmas and Easter break, but during October and November they have their cheapest rates of the year, even though the weather is pretty much ideal. You can find a room for well under $100 along the beach, and a bit more than half that if you are willing to stay a block or two away.

Using Fort Lauderdale as a base

Honestly, not everyone loves Fort Lauderdale itself, although it certainly has many fans. There’s great news here as well in that Miami Beach is only about 30 miles south of the Fort Lauderdale Airport, so you can take advantage of these low fares and stay in South Beach instead.

To the north you’ve got West Palm Beach and a number of other stylish towns that are filled with cheap hotels this time of year. It’s a buyer’s market in the entire area during the months of October and most of November. You might even consider Priceline or one of the other opaque deals sites where you bid something like $50 for a 4-star hotel room and cross your fingers. With this much availability you might just get it accepted.


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