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UAE Raises Minimum Salary Limit for Expats with Family


The UAE announced recently that expatriates who want to bring their families into the country must earn a minimum monthly salary of USD 1251, up from USD 751.

The decision comes after a study revealed that families without a suitable income or home met with significant hardship after arriving in the UAE. The law is therefore meant to protect families from taking on a move that they simply can’t afford.

In local terms, the new salary requirement adds up to 10,000 dirhams. A specific date for the changes has not yet been announced, however it’s safe to say that if you don’t meet them now, then it would be unwise– both legally and practically– to make a move with family into the UAE.

Expats often flee their homes with the aim of finding greener pastures elsewhere, however it’s always worth reminding prospective expats: the costs of relocating are significant, and if you aren’t prepared to meet them ahead of time, then you may just be trading one hardship for another. That’s particularly irresponsible if you’re bringing a family along.

Source: The Hindu


3 thoughts on “UAE Raises Minimum Salary Limit for Expats with Family

  1. Interesting article. I agree that most people who become expats don’t think about the costs involve. It’s interesting that UAE has set a minimum monthly salary for people. I wonder if other countries do this as well.

    BTW: just because you move to a new country doesn’t mean you won’t face any hardships because you take YOURSELF with you everywhere you go. It’s like people that move from “snowy states” like Michigan or Ohio; if you’re miserable in those states chances are you’ll be miserable in a new state.

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