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Navigating the Museums of Liverpool


World Museum

Liverpool’s World Museum has a very developed Natural World section. Garden enthusiasts can check out the botanical exhibit there, which encompasses most of the native plants found around Britain and Ireland throughout the past 200 years. People who like interesting animals will be pleased by the World Museum’s zoology section, or can take a look at different living animals within the Bug House and Aquarium. Visitors who like anthropology can go to the Human World department and see the ethnographic materials from different parts of the globe. There is also an Earth section with assorted rocks and minerals, and a Space and Time part that has displays derived from all sorts of different scientific studies.


Walker Art Gallery

The Walker Art Gallery always has interesting rotating exhibits, themed around topics like glass dresses or unique photographs. They have many different types of paintings from the 1200s to the present day, along with sculptures and displays of craft and design.


Merseyside Maritime Museum

The Merseyside Maritime Museum has all sorts of material on life at sea. They have one collection on emigration, investigating those who left Liverpool for the New World, along with displays on the Titanic and the Lusitania ships. There are a couple historic vessels docked outside the museum, along with displays on life at sea and maritime-related artwork.


International Slavery Museum

The International Slavery Museum has three main galleries that present important information on slavery to the public. The Life in West Africa section presents the key themes of what life was like in Africa, and the Enslavement and Middle Passage investigates the brutality of the voyage across the ocean, and the oppression and reality of slave life in the Americas. The Legacies of Slavery area of the museum shows some contemporary issues relating to slavery, such as what the African Diaspora has achieved.

National Conservation Center

The National Conservation Center of Liverpool houses all sorts of information on preserved and restored materials, and shows the public how this process is executed. The main Reveal section shows the hidden stories of assorted museum specimens, along with the scientific methods of deriving information on museum materials with tools like X-rays and lasers.


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