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Where Can You Find The Best Husband In The World?


Pretty serious question don’t you think? The kind of question any single woman could ask without really hoping any answer. Well Almudena Sevilla Sanz, an Oxford economist, is giving us a very serious answer:

According to her, best husbands on earth are living in… Sweden, followed by Norway, Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the United States. The countries where you don’t want to lose your time are Japan, Germany, Australia and Austria.

Now which criterias were examined to come to this conclusion? Faithfulness? Romanticism? Not at all!

Almuneda wanted to see if marriage and cohabiting rates in developed countries were linked to the housework share between men and women. The study shows that countries were men are more “egalitarian” have higher rates of women being married or living with someone.

“In egalitarian countries there is less social stigma attached to men doing what was traditionally women’s work”. Places where men are happy to participate in the day-to day life, do their part of chores, and play an active role in children’s education are actually places with the higher proportion of households.

But here is something we could have predicted Almuneda would find:  “While egalitarian men seem to be viewed as a better bet by women, egalitarian women are seen as a less safe bet by men,” she said.

Last detail she points out is that countries birthrates are inevitably affected by the amount of people cohabiting. Some low fertility countries like Japan or Italy have seen a decline in marriage without much compensation on their cohabitation rates. Politics are very often presenting the birthrates decline as a consequence of modern life and new ways of living. But another factor could actually be responsible. Should those governments consider educating men to share the load at home?


4 thoughts on “Where Can You Find The Best Husband In The World?

  1. I completely agree with you. I always said I would never be with a macho italian and ended with one of them! But I picked a very egalitarian one 😉
    I just thought it was funny to have a very serious study on such a non scientific topic. It’s not really recommending any country in particular…

  2. Am a single mom,gotta one kid.looking for a white man,hard working and also Christian,he should be age 30years to 40years.am 25years.Thanks…

  3. I’m single mom lives in Eastliegh Nairobi Kenya,I’m looking for a white man from iether Italian,France ,I’m so humbled , polite, calm, responsible, Caring, honest with integrity, gentle, noble and God fearing person He should be a age of 35 years to 45years a Christian I’m 34 yrs old thank you

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