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Save 10% on Allwood Salvalla, The Internet Famous “Amazon Tiny House Kit”

Whether you’ve bought a piece of land in the US, a developing country, backwoods Canada or the jungles of Big Island of Hawaii to live off grid in a tiny home or are still thinking about it, no doubt you’ve seen the internet media get all worked up about “Amazon” selling them.

The most popular model currently mentioned is the Allwood Solvalla. While super tiny at 172 square feet, it looks pretty neat in my opinion.

For those seriously considering one of these kit tiny homes, here’s some good news: Amazon isn’t the seller.

That means the listing is from one of Amazon marketplace merchants and it isn’t too hard to find out that you can buy it directly from the manufacturer and save yourself $700, or almost 10%, plus enjoy free shipping and even financing.

The reason everyone is talking about “Amazon selling” this tiny home is because they all make money off the Amazon Affiliate Program when someone purchases one which can be a decent amount of money considering the $7250 price tag.

In addition to the Solvalla model, Allwood has a number of other tiny home models available. Amazon also offers a number of tiny home kit plans and other tiny home kits that may or may not be available direct from the manufacturer.

Where would you put your tiny home? My current dream is somewhere in the Caribbean or Hawaii.


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