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Top 10 Shopping Sites for Sending Gifts to Expats & Overseas Travelers

amazon-screenshotAs Christmas approaches, we’re all scrambling to finish our holiday shopping. It can be especially challenging to find gifts for your friends and family who are living overseas. Between exorbitant shipping costs and questionable delivery timelines it can be hard to feel confident about an international purchase.

We’ve taken the work out of your international holiday shopping this year by compiling our Top 10 Best Shopping Sites For Sending Gifts To Ex-Pats:

  1. Amazon – It’s no surprise that Amazon has incredibly reasonable shipping rate for a variety of items to many countries. Here you will find a country by country shipping price list broken down by item categories.

  2. Etsy – There are people from many different countries on Etsy. You can search for the particular country your ex-pat is in and find the perfect gift from that country’s own crafters.
  3. Spotify subscription – While listening options are going to vary country by country, your ex-pat is bound to find something they love (and it will be commercial free!).

  4. Rosetta Stone Downloads – Maybe your expat still needs to hone some language skills of their new home country or maybe they travel so much that they’re always learning new tongues. A Rosetta Stone download requires no shipping and as long as they have an internet connection, they’re good to go!

  5. Harry and David International – There’s a whole section on Harry and David’s website devoted to gift baskets and other treats that ship internationally. Shipping is not the cheapest, but if you’re set on sending a gift basket and don’t want to assemble one yourself, this is a good choice.

  6. eBay – There are many international sellers on eBay and they also provide a guide on how you can calculate your international shipping and customs charges.

  7. Yong’s Gifts – If you’re looking to send a gift basket in China, Japan, or South Korea, Yong’s Gifts has some great testimonials from customers and their site is written in perfect English. They package the gifts themselves, so no worries about your ex-pat not getting the gifts you intended for them.

  8. Flora2000 – Flora2000 has a huge list of countries they ship to with some of the most reasonable shipping prices we’ve seen. Check them out to send flowers or cakes.

  9. Gifts for Europe – To send high quality gift baskets that include items like chocolate or wine, Gifts for Europe will give you plenty of options in a variety of countries across Europe. Shipping prices are reasonable considering the size and cost of many of the items.

  10. Whittard’s – Whittard’s is one of the best stores to buy fancy tea, chocolates, and other kitchen accessories in England. They also happen to have great prices for shipping in Europe (as well as free shipping in the UK for orders over 40£).


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