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Top Ten Underground Transit Systems

When moving to a new city, it is important to look at your transportation options, especially if you are getting a car. Developed underground systems are often efficient and expansive, and give a shield against the above-ground elements.


1. London, England

Active since 1863, the Underground is the world’s oldest underground transit system, and the biggest one in Europe. This system also connects to many rail systems that can transport you to all over England.

2. Paris, France

Second oldest system,  the metro was started in 1900, with affordable fairs. Every building in Paris is within 500 meters of a metro stop.

3. Moscow, Russia

The Moscow subway holds the most people on a daily basis, with 3.2 riders annually. There are some above-ground scenic rides, and it is the fastest system as well, going at 120 km/h.

4. Madrid, Spain

The densest,  second largest system in the world that is also expanding. It is very clean and affordable, and completed with modern stations.

5. Tokyo, Japan

This extremely efficient, clean, punctual system has markers where the trains always stop at the same places! The seats are heated, and stops are announced in Japanese and English.

6. Seoul, South Korea

This is a very popular subway system with over 8 million people riding on daily trips. The system has beautiful architecture, and the system is expanding.

7. New York City, USA

The New York City subway system is heavily used, carrying 4.9 million people daily. Offers express trains that run separately from the local trains. Connects to many other transit systems, such as Metro North, the Port Authority, the PATH to New Jersey and Penn Station. There is 24 hour service, and many of the stations have beautiful artwork and talented musicians and performers.

8. Montreal, Canada

This is a modern system that has only been active since the 1960s, so it is very modern but small. Inspired by the Paris metro system, it has smooth, comfortable rides.

9. Beijing, China

Only active since 1969, this modern rail system goes throughout Beijing, a giant city, and some of the suburbs. It had expanded for the 2008 Olympics. It is cheap and easy to navigate, and is still expanding. Many interesting stops that are related to the Olympics.

10. Hong Kong

The Mass Transit Railway has been around since 1979. Because Hong Kong was formerly run by the UK, this subway system was influenced by British design. It is somewhat small, but supports about 2.4 passengers daily. It is efficient, has frequent service, and is clean, air-conditioned and affordable.


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  1. Umm, have you seen the system in Shanghai? It’s MUCH better than London, NYC or especially Hong Kong…

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