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Moving to Bermuda

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the eastern coast of the United States. Its capital is Hamilton, and it has a subtropical climate. It consists of 138 islands, and the Main Island sometimes calls itself Bermuda. Its main language is English, though many speak Portuguese. It is known mainly as a tourist destination for its beautiful beaches and clear oceans.


The only way you can become a permanent Bermudian is to marry a Bermudan citizen of the opposite sex and stay married and live for ten years there. Most of Bermuda’s economy is centered on being an international business center and tourist center, and there are no natural resources. Bermuda has high control over the lives of non-nationals, who have to pay different prices for everything, like rent.

Work Visas:

It is difficult to land a job in Bermuda, due to the fact that it is very tiny and isolated. Jobs are usually offered for up to two years. It is very difficult or even impossible to import workers from developing nations to Bermuda. The UK, US or Canada must issue these nationals a transit visa after they have received a work permit, and this is a hard process all together. You are also not allowed to start your own business when you are in Bermuda.

Nevertheless, there are still available jobs within the top or upper middle management sector. Your employer must apply to the Bermuda government for your work permit. It is a good idea to deal directly with employers rather than recruiters. You are expected to hold at least a graduate degree. Work permits have a maximum of six years, and that does not guarantee renewal. Your employer must have advertised your job at least three times in newspapers to make sure that no natives could take it. You are expected to have appropriate job experience and skills,written references, and above board character. Your documentation includes a detailed Bermuda Immigration Questionnaire, as well as a copy of your police records.

There are many jobs that do not allow for work permits, such as house painter, fisher, mason or salesperson. Foreign workers do not get the same rights as Bermudans. The Government is the biggest employer in Bermuda.

In order to apply for a visa, you must present a passport and completed application.

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Moving Pets:

There is no quarantine period for Bermuda. Pets are allowed from the US, UK and Canada with sufficient prior notice, sometimes up to six months. They are required to be licensed and microchipped. You must obtain certificates from the Bermuda Government’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Bermuda is a rabies-free nation. Do not leave your pet there once you leave Bermuda. Be careful about where you choose to live in Bermuda, as many landlords do not allow dogs.

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