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Moving to Fiji

Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean, and is a small island group. It has a tropical marine climate that does not vary much seasonally. Most of its land is mountainous, from volcanic origin. It used to be a British colony, but gained independence in 1970. It is a democratically governed republic, with its state based on British laws. It is still a Commonwealth Nation. It is made up of Fijians, Indians, and small communities of Europeans and Asians. The main languages are English, Fijian and Hindustani. It has one of the most developed Pacific island economies.


Work Permits

Foreigners must apply for a work permit. You can apply to the Director of Immigration, in the Government Buildings in Suva, Fiji (not through consulates).

They are granted to people in specialized professions: religious workers; teachers, professors or lecturers with written employment contracts from local institutions; nurses and doctors. Work permits are also granted to people who have specialized skills not available in Fiji already. These positions must be advertised locally at first to make sure that no one in Fiji could fill the spot.

If a work permit is granted, it gives you permission to enter, reside and work in Fiji for up to three years. Your employer and you have to complete the application process jointly with the Director of Immigration. Your work permit only allows you to work for your employer, unless you get permission from the Director of Immigration. Keep in mind that if the Director feels like it, another person in Fiji could potentially be trained to replace you in your job.

To apply for a work permit, you must submit the following documents:

  1. Where possible, proof that the position had been advertised
  2. Police records
  3. Medical reports
  4. Proof that you are fluent in English
  5. Fees

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Student Permit

You must apply for at student permit to study in Fiji. You do not apply at a consulate, but rather mail your application directly to the Fiji Immigration Department.

To apply, you must submit:

  1. A certified copy of your passport
  2. Copy of your airline reservations
  3. Letter of acceptance from your educational institution
  4. Proof of funds
  5. Medical report
  6. Police report
  7. 4 passport photos
  8. Certified copy of your birth certificate
  9. Fees

Moving Pets

Moving your pet to Fiji can be a long, expensive and difficult process.

You must first write to the Principal Veterinary Officer Animal Health and Production Division Ministry of Agriculture & Primary Industries to obtain an import permit. Your pet has to be custom and quarantine cleared at the Nadi airport by a customs broker. Your dog must sit in quarantine at the airport for inspection, and there are fees for this. It must then be airfreighted to the quarantine station at Koronivia for further inspections, and there are also fees for this.

You must make arrangements with this station to release your pet, and also register with the Fiji Islands Revenue & Customs Authority for customs clearance. You will also have to complete the Customs Declaration Form, and provide the authorities with your passport and work/residence permit. You have to be in Fiji to get this form.

Other Information

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