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Moving to Guam

Guam is a US territory that is a small island in the western Pacific Ocean. It had a long history of European imperialism and Japanese invasion before it became a US territory. Its economy is mainly tourism from Japan, as well as income from the US military. Its ethnic groups are 37% Chamarro, 26% Filipino 11% Pacific, 6% white, 6% Asian, 10% mixed and others. Its capital is Hagatna and its largest town is Dededo, and is has a population of 178,000. It is the southernmost, biggest Mariana island. Chamorro and English are the official languages.


Guam is a territory of the United States. US citizens do not need a passport, but just a valid identification. The entry requirements are the same as for the US, as are the visa procedures. You are not eligible to receive a USA Visa if you are infected with serious communicable diseases, if you hold a criminal record, or a narcotic addict or drug trafficker or have been deported from the US and cannot re-enter.

Nationals of certain countries can enter and travel in Guam without a visa for 90 days with a valid passport, but that does not necessarily let you travel in the US mainland visa-free.

Work Visas

H1B Visa

The H1B visa is the primary and most popular work visa in the US/Guam, and it is available for International Professionals to live and work in the country. It is considered a “dual intent” visa, meaning it allows you to apply for a Green Card. In order to get one of these permits, you must have an employer sponsor a job for you, and then starts filing your H1B application.

To qualify for an H1B, you must be able to fill a specialty occupation. These include jobs in IT, Business, Computing, Financing, Engineering, Teaching, Hospitality and many others. You generally have to have at least a Bachelors, 12 years work experience, or a mix of a degree and some work experience. This visa usually lasts for six years, and allows your spouse and children over 21 to join you in the US.

H2B Visa

The H2B visa is temporary and meant for seasonal workers or when there is a shortage of workers in a specific field. You can work as a camp counselor, sales representative, security guard or ticket salesperson under such a visa, among other jobs. You must first have a job offer to apply for this visa, and meet the minimum qualifications for that job. Your employer begins the application process, and you are expected to return home once your visa expires. The visa lasts for as long as your job contract lasts, which is typically not over one year.

If you are applying for a job from outside of the US, you must apply at your nearest consulate. You must submit the following:

  1. Evidence of job offer
  2. DS-156 nonimmigrant application form
  3. DS-157, if male, between 16-45
  4. Copy of notice of approval of H2B petition
  5. Passport
  6. Passport photo
  7. Evidence of ties to your country of origin
  8. Fees

Green Card

A Green Card allows you to permanently work and live in the US/Guam legally. There are a number of different reasons to qualify for a green card, such as Amnesty or Political Asylum, or international broadcasting employees.

Click here for information on the application process, as it is different for each reason you would qualify for a Green Card.

Student Visa

In order to study in the US/Guam, you must be accepted into an accredited institution. You also must be able to speak English, unless you are going to an English training program.

You can apply for a student visa at your nearest US embassy or consulate.

You must submit the following:

  1. Application form DS 156, completed and signed
  2. Valid passport
  3. One photograph
  4. Evidence of funds
  5. Form I-20A-B (F-1), Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status and Language Students OR Form I-20M-N (M-1), Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status for Vocational Students (your school will send you this)
  6. Evidence of funds
  7. Fees

You must satisfy the officer that you have ties to your country of origin, and will return.

Moving Pets

Guam is a rabies-free island, and it is strict about moving your pets. Animals coming from Australia, New Zealand and the UK may enter Guam without quarantine. You must contact the Department of Agriculture, Animal Quarantine Division, for further information, if you are coming from those places.

Pets coming from all other countries are required to go through a 30 day quarantine period. Very young, very old, chronically ill and debilitated animals are not allowed in quarantine. Your pet must be adaptable to hot and humid weather. You must have everything well-organized, or else you risk having your pet put into 120 day quarantine.

You must have a Health Certificate, proof of rabies vaccination on a vaccination certificate, as well as an electronic microchip. Make sure to read the guide to understand the process of obtaining these specific documents, as they have many rules.

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