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Residential Neighborhoods in Amsterdam


The city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands is shaped like a horse shoe, with the entire city based on a canal system. People even live in houseboats docked on the canals.

The Jordaan

The Jordaan is located west of the center, away from the city’s major canals. The streets are more tightly packed than many of the other districts.


The Jordaan to have a reputation as a working-class neighborhood, but that has changed. Many young and hip students, artists and young professionals now reside in the gentrified Jordaan alongside the original population. Some of the simple buildings now have trendy cafes and boutiques. It is a good place to live if you do not want to be in an immensely touristy part of Amsterdam, because there are hardly any hotels. It is easy to navigate this neighborhood by foot, bike and public transit, but not by automobile (hard to park).

Museum District/Vondelpark

This district is also known as Oud-Zuid. It is a place with lots of things to do and see for more mature and professional crowds. The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum are located in this area. Though many visitors flock to the museums, there are many fancy residential areas around them.


The famous Vondelpark is located in this area, which is visited by many tourists and locals. There are also famous shopping streets, such as the luxurious Hooftstraat, as well as Beethovenstraat and Cornelis Schuytstraat, which are all fun strips to indulge in the fashion culture.

Amsterdam East

This is a residential area on the Amstel River, and has been considered one of the more diverse neighborhoods of Amsterdam. It does have some cultural institutions, such as the Tropical Museum and the zoo. Some of the apartments offer great views of the river. It used to be a suburb of the city back in the 19th century, but many of the old buildings have been torn down and replaced by new ones.

IJ Waterfront

This area is also known as Westelijke (West) and Oostelijke (East) Eilanden. It goes along the river, and many boats and cruise ships make their way into Amsterdam through these docks. This neighborhood used to be full of old buildings and warehouses, but many of them are being torn down to make brand new residential, office and business buildings. Some of the older buildings are preserved, so there is a mixe of traditional and modern. Most of the residential parts are considered to be upper middle class. There is also a fair amount of culture in this neighborhood, such as the Maritime Museum and the NEMO science center.


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