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Exploring the Beaches of Peru


Punta Sal

Punta Sal is a beach located on Peru’s northern coast, which is on the border with Ecuador. It is the longest beach in the area. Punta Sal is located about 50 kilometers from the city of Tumbes, and has a hot and dry climate almost year round, with hardly any rain. A lot of the locals around this beach are fishers, and many other people go there to visit and enjoy surfing and swimming in the warm and tranquil waters. The best times to surf here are in the winter, from November through February. Many consider Punta Sal to be the best Peruvian beach.



The beach town of Mancora is very small, relaxed and safe feeling with a number of facilities. It is also on the northern coast, 100 kilometers from Tumbes. It has pleasant, sandy beaches and calm water for swimming and surfing. Along with being sunny almost all year round, there is a wide variety of interesting flora and fauna a little inland from the beach.



Paita is a city located in northwestern Peru, which is a very important seaport. There are some nice beaches in this city along the coast, which are a great place to watch the boats come in and out.


Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is located in northern Peru, and is an excellent surfing spot. It is not as sunny year round like some of the other northern beaches. This town is located 14 kilometers west of Chiclayo, the capital city of the Lambayeque region.


Punta Hermosa

Punta Hermosa is one of the 43 districts of the capital city of Peru, Lima. It is located in the southern region of the city, and is a very popular tourist resort that attracts thousands of people during the summer. Punta Hermosa is visited by many surfers, and has some top0-rated ceviche and seafood. This area is not as sunny in the north and does undergo some precipitation.


Punta Negra

Punta Negra is located south of Lima and is a popular beach that has white sand and Pacific cold waters. Because of its geographical position, it does get cloudy and is more popular in the summer.



Caballeros is also located south of Lima, and is popular during the summer months. The weather and the waves vary on the season and the day, but it is nonetheless a nice surfing spot.


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