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Flights to Las Vegas are almost always cheap

LasVegasRecently we discussed how Orlando, Florida had weirdly cheap flights from almost anywhere in the United States. You can actually say the same thing about Las Vegas, so even those in Florida or the Southeast can go somewhere this summer for a very low airfare if they just want to get away.

Destination: Las Vegas

It’s been well publicized that Las Vegas has a glut of new and luxurious hotels up and down the Strip, and that has not only pushed prices for those rooms down, but it’s also pushed down prices for rooms at the older places. In fact, there are some shocking deals available, especially during weekdays in summer. Las Vegas is most crowded from New Years through April, but when the summer really kicks in things empty out a bit.

Since it’s only a 5-hour drive from Los Angeles, Las Vegas hotels remain fairly busy on nearly every weekend, but during the week you can get a room at a nice 3-star hotel for under $30 per night. This might be the only city in the world where 3-star hotels cost the same as a bunk in one of the hostels, at least from Sunday through Thursday nights, so you should schedule your trip to take advantage of that.

The 4-star hotels, which now number in the dozens, can be as cheap as $50 per night for the room (not per person) during weekdays, so this is pretty much the best lodging deal in America at the moment.

Cheap flights from all over

Another great thing about Las Vegas is that literally every one of America’s top airlines flies into McCarran Airport every day, and this competition keeps prices amazingly low. You can fly to Las Vegas from any one of the major Southern California airports for around $100 roundtrip if you book in advance, but you can fly from the east coast for not much more.

For example, right now you can book a flight from Philadelphia to Las Vegas for a stunning $198 roundtrip in August, on Continental Airlines, with a short stopover in Houston on the way. From Boston flights are starting around $220 roundtrip, and from New York City it’s $269 on US Airways with a short stop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

From Chicago the flights start at $295 on Frontier Airlines, but at least they are nonstop. If you can make it to Detroit you can get a fare of $240 roundtrip to Las Vegas, or $220 from Indianapolis.

Those in Florida will find great deals starting at $220 from Tampa or around $260 from Fort Lauderdale or Miami.

As long as you can control your gambling then Las Vegas can be an amazingly fun and cheap destination, especially during summer when hotels are so cheap.


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