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Navigating the Theme Parks of Finland


Linnamaki Amusement Park

Linnanmaki is the biggest, most visited theme park of Finland, that usually attracts over one million visitors annually. It is situated on top of a mountain, close to downtown Helsinki. It is not a huge park, but there are 41 different rides that suit visitors of all ages. Its most famous ride is Vuoristorata, also known as the Wooden Roller Coaster, which has been noted as a classic roller coaster.

This amusement park also features an amphitheater that features daily acrobatic and magic shows, a gaming room, a circus, shops and restaurants. It was established in 1950 by six child welfare organizations, which united in 1957 under the Children’s Day Foundation. It is a non profit theme park that donates its money to child welfare. The park is mostly themed for young children.


Särkänniemi Adventure Park

This theme park is situated on a small peninsula, by two lakes, and is great for the whole family. It is a popular park with many visitors. It features a lot of animal attractions, including an aquarium and dolphinarium, as well as a planetarium and art museum. There are a number of fun rides, such as a huge Half Pipe, and an area for young children. It is located in Tampere, Finland.



Serena is the biggest indoor tropical water park in the whole continent of Europe! It is also the biggest Nordic water park.

It features heated pools year round, which is wonderful in such a cold place as Finland. The water park also features a sauna that is in the carved-out area of a cave. In the winter, they offer skiing facilities with various difficulties. Serena has outdoor pools open in the summertime that are surrounded by cliffs. There are many fun rides and waterslides, like the Black Hole, which has all sorts of interesting light and sound effects. This park is located in Espoo, Finland.

Muumim World

This park is located in Naantali, Finland, on a small island facing Old Town. This magical land is themed around the Finnish cartoon character, Muumin. Much of the park itself is based on the books and stories of Finnish artist/storyteller, Tove Jansson. It is closed during the winter, except for a week in late February. There are a variety of eateries, that strive to provide local and organic foods.


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  1. Hmm. This was not exactly an informative article, I have to say. Yet, this is better than nothing, so thank you, I guess…

    One thing, though, that I HAVE to correct. The place where you can find the MOOMINS, is called the MOOMINworld, not muumin (although in Finnish it is written with two U’s). The moomins are very well known e.g. in GB, and also in Japan, where the popular animation series of the moomins comes from.

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