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Museums in Lyon, France


MAC Lyon

MAC Lyon is a museum of contemporary art, situated within the Cite Internationale and by the banks of the Rhone. Their mission is to present works that artists have created on site at the museum. They collect works by living artists and highlight trends that have led up to what is currently going on in the art world. They have one of the biggest collections of different installations in Europe.

Decorative Art Museum

The Decorative Art Museum is a depiction of several finished craft makings, shown in the building of the Lacroix- Laval mansion, displayed in an 18th century setting. There is a display of elegant silks woven by professional merchants, as well as furniture designed by famous Parisian cabinet makers, and other such woodwork and cloth. The Decorative Art Museum also displays other domestic craft objects, like china, clocks and silverware.


Textile Museum

The Textile Museum is full of different fabrics from the Eastern and Western spheres of the world. Their Eastern section displays items such as Persian textiles, Byzantine fabrics, Muslim fabrics, Turkish carpets. Their Western half has a collection of costumes and other fabric makings from Lyon, Italy, Spain and elsewhere around Europe.


Museum of Gallo-Roman Civilization

The Museum of Gallo-Roman Civilization is an archaeological museum that depicts these ancient times through coins, weapons, glass, artwork and several other means. Most of the discoveries in the museum have been found around Lyon and the greater region. It sits next to the amphitheater, so it is quite the historical experience.


Museum of Fine Arts

Lyon’s Museum of Fine Arts is located in the center of the city, in the former Abbey of the Ladies of Saint Pierre. It is today one of the largest art collections in France, and its pieces range from various points in history. There are some art specimens from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, and then some paintings and sculptures from the Medieval times through the present day. Some of the specific themes include an Islamic art collection and a room that presents Art Nouveau and Art Deco pieces. They have an impressive painting display, with about 1,8000 pieces from around Europe.


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