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Buying Real Estate in Poland

Poland has become a popular place for foreign nationals to invest in real estate, especially the past two decades since the fall of the USSR. This process is not very complicated compared to any other country, but foreigners are required to obtain permission from the government before they can actually purchase real estate, and can only buy property in certain areas.

Attorneys and Real Estate Agents

Foreigners should hire an attorney to help them get permission to purchase property from the necessary bureau (see below).

Real estate agents can be helpful in researching specific properties for specific needs, but are not necessary.

Rules, Regulations and Restrictions

Foreigners are allowed to buy property in Poland, so long as they get through the regulations. They are required to obtain permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Poland before purchasing anything. It is not a very complicated procedure, and there are some attorneys in Poland who are specifically dedicated to it. This permission will then allow foreigners to purchase property for six months after issuance, and can then be renewed.

There are also geographical restrictions for foreigners. They are not allowed to purchase property on the Polish “frontier.” Foreigners must check that their prospective property is not within a forbidden zone.

General Process

After the foreign buyer goes through the process of obtaining permission to buy from the government (see above), it is then time to settle on a property and make an offer to its seller. A preliminary contract/agreement for sale must then be drawn up and signed by both parties. The buyer usually puts down a deposit, which is 10-15% of the total cost.

After signing the contract, the seller is responsible for making sure the title of the property is clear. The buyer must simultaneously find finacning to purchase the real estate. The real estate should also be inspected to make sure there are no problems.

Before concluding this process, both parties must go through the final agreement for sale. The buyer must pay the remainder of the money, and then a new title is prepared to transfer the property to their name. It must then be filed with the government, and the property is officially sold.


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