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Moving to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country in South Asia that was formerly East Pakistan. Its official language is Bengali, and most of the population is Muslim, though there are some Hindus. It is surrounded by water in most parts, such as the Bay of Bengal. It faces natural disasters like floods and cyclones, and it has a tropical climate with a wet and dry season. Most of the population lives in rural areas, though it does have the highest population density in the world. It has a high poverty rate, though its poverty has been declining since the 1970s. Its capital is Dhaka, and its government is a parliamentary democracy.


Work Permits: Employment Visa (E)

To work in Bangladesh, you are required to obtain a work permit. Employment of foreigners is only considered in industrial establishments sanctioned or registered by the appropriate authority.  Foreigners are generally employed if they have skills that are lacking in Bangladesh. Your employment may be granted by the Board of Directors. In a given company, the percentage of expats in its workforce should not exceed 5%, which includes top management personnel. You must obtain any necessary clearance with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

There is currently a five-year limitation on the duration of foreigners’ work permits.

You are required to fill out and sign a Bangladesh Visa Application form and present your valid passport. Your employer is required to issue a dispatch letter and guarantee letter on the company’s letter head, which should include its name and address. The Dispatch letter is required to have information about your name, passport number, designation, reason for visiting Bangladesh, duration of stay, inviter’s name and seal. You will be asked to submit some passport photos in this process. There are also fees you must pay.

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Student Visas

To obtain a visa to study in Bangladesh, you must first be accepted by an accredited educational institution.

You must submit the following documents:

1.       Completed visa application

2.       Passport photo

3.       Valid passport

4.       Letter of acceptance

5.       Fees

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Moving Pets

Bangladesh is considered a pet-friendly nation, as many people have and love their pets.

In order to move your pet to Bangladesh, you must first have it microchipped for identity. You must also have it vaccinated against rabies, as you will be required to show a Rabies Vaccination Certificate. You should also obtain a Vet Health Certificate to be filled out by an accredited veterinarian. You should also obtain an Import Permit from the Ministry of Livestock. There may be additional requirements, depending on your country of departure.

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Other Information

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