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Moving to Belarus

Belarus is a country in central eastern Europe, and it has a population of 9.6 million. Its capital is Minsk, and most people are Christians, either in the Orthodox or Catholic sects. Its currency is the Belarusian ruble. Belarus is located at a crossing point of many important trans-Europeean railway and road routes. It is a landlocked country with flat lands and lots of marshy areas, lakes and forests. It has a continental climate and it is very cold in the winters and mild in the summers. Its official langauges are Belarusian and Russian. Belarus translates as “White Russia.” Though it is a presidential republic, their government is considered to be an authoritarian regime or dictarship.


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Work Visa

You can apply for a work visa under a “Long-term visit” visa, which means you intend to come and work in Belarus for 90 days to one year. You must have a job lined up, and your prospective employer is required to send a request for your visa to the Minister of Interior of Belarus for authorization.

Your company is also required to present a written request on its official letterhead. It must be signed by a company executive and sealed with a corporate seal. They must also send proof of registration of their own company, as well as a copy of a contract between you and your company with information about your position and confirmation that you work there.

You must also submit the following documents:

1.       Valid passport

2.       Passport photo

3.       Visa application form

4.       Fees

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Student Visa

To apply for a student visa and study in Belarus, you must first be accepted by an accredited educational institution. You must have proof of acceptance and have this original invitation verified by a local citizenship and migration office of the Ministry of Interior of Belarus.

1.       Valid passport

2.       Passport photo

3.       Visa application form

4.       Fees

Moving Pets

In order to move your pet to Belarus, you must have a Certification of Veterinarian’s Examination Statement confirmed by a local vet office. You must have your pet vaccinated against rabies, and possibly other diseases depending on its species, and provide proof of this. When you land in Belarus, you need to register your pet with a local veterinary office within a month of arrival.

Other Information

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