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Moving to El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest, most densely populated Central American country. It is situated on the Pacific Ocean. There are about 7 million inhabitants in the country, and it is about 21,000 square kilometers in size. El Salvador eliminated its own currency, the colon, and now uses the US dollar. Its official languages are Spanish and Nahua. Its population is 90% Mestizo, 9% White and 1% Amerindian. It is a presidential republic, and its capital is San Salvador. It has a tropical climate with dry and wet seasons. It has a developing economy that is often hurt by natural disasters, yet it still continues to grow. Its main religion is Catholicism, and the Catholic Church plays a big role in the culture and in the daily life of many people. There are some Protestant groups as well.


Work Visas/Residency Permits

In order to get a work permit, you must get a residency permit, and the two are interdependent.

You must submit the following documents, along with photocopies:

  1. Residency request form
  2. Original birth certificate
  3. Good conduct certificate
  4. Two recent photos
  5. Results from AIDS test
  6. Health certificate
  7. Work contract
  8. A letter requesting residency
  9. Personal data form

All documents you need to fill out are obtainable through the Ministry of the Interior.

You start out with a temporary residency visa. You can then upgrade to permanent residency if you live in El Salvador for five years and have no police records.

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Moving Pets

You may move your cat or dog to El Salvador so long as it has an international health certificate, that has been approved by a licensed veterinarian. You must get an import permit as well, from the Animal Quarantine Department in San Salvador. Your pet is required to be vaccinated against rabies, and against all appropriate diseases for its species. You must also present an export permit from your country of origin. There may be additional requirements, depending on your country of origin.

Other Information

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