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Moving to Greece

Greece, a country off the Balkan peninsula in southeast Europe, is officially named the Hellenic Republic. It is on the Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian Seas, and it consists of a mainland and over a thousand islands (about 200 of which are inhabited). Greek history traces back to Ancient Greece, often considered the roots of Western civilization, with everything from mythology, Olympic Games, drama and comedy. It is a developed country that is a member of the European Union, and is a parliamentary republic. Many expats and immigrants live in Greece from a variety of countries, such as people from the former Soviet Union.


Citizens of the EU, United States, Australia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland are allowed to stay in Greece for up to 90 months with no visa.

Work Permits:

To apply for a work permit, you must get approval from the Ministry of Labor in Greece. You must have a job lined up, as your employer sponsors you and fills out your visa application form. You must submit the following documents:

  1. Visa application form, completed by your employer
  2. Valid passport
  3. Recent passport sized photo
  4. Proof of sufficient funding (by bank or credit card statements)
  5. Written contract of employment, stating what your job is and how long you will work
  6. Fees

The length of the work permit depends on the length and nature of your job, and is ultimately decided by the Ministry of Labor, and it can only be issued in Greece.

There are many jobs to do with tourism, and teaching English or other foreign languages is an active field. Click here for links to job openings in Greece.

Click here for more information.

Student Visas:

If you are a national that requires a student visa, you must submit the following to the nearest Greek Consulate or Embassy in person:

  1. Proof of enrollment
  2. Health Certificate
  3. Criminal background check
  4. Four color passport photos
  5. Passport photocopy
  6. Attached declaration form signed by the student
  7. Completed application form

Your university will be able to obtain a Greek government certification of your acceptance letter, and then mail it to you. Once you get to Greece, you must declare your money at your place of entry, and fill out a financial declaration form. You cannot work on a student visa.

Visit Study Abroad Greece for information on some schools and opportunities.

Moving Pets:

In order to move your cat or dog to Greece, you must have a health certificate that states your pet is in good health, has no infectious disease and has been vaccinated against rabies. This certificate has to be confirmed by valid authorities. Animals must either be tattooed or microchipped for identity. There are few boarding kennels in Greece.

Other Information:

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