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Moving to Netherlands Antilles

The Netherlands Antilles consists of two groups of islands: Curacao and Bonaire, off the Venezuelan coast, and Sint Eustatius, Saba and San Martin, South of the Virgin Islands. They are also called the Dutch Antilles and West Indies, and are an official part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in the Caribbean Sea. The capital is Willemstad, and the official languages are Dutch, English and Papiamentu. There are no major administrative divisions, but all of the islands function with their own governments. These islands have a tropical climate and volcanic terrain. They were going to be disbanded in 2008, but that did not occur, and is postponed indefinitely.


You may need to apply for a visa to enter the Netherlands Antilles, depending on your country of origin. It takes about four weeks to clear.

To apply for a visa, you must first contact your nearest Dutch Embassy or Consulate. You must submit have a passport and a return airline ticket. Your visa will be valid for however long you are intending to stay.

You must submit the following documents:

  1. Visa application forms
  2. Passport/travel document
  3. Four recent passport photos
  4. Confirmed travel itinerary to leave the Netherlands Antilles
  5. Proof of sufficient funds
  6. Original letter of employment or three recent pay stubs
  7. Proof of the purpose of your trip (like hotel reservations)
  8. Proof of health insurance
  9. Fees

Temporary Residence Permit

Foreigners who stay in the Netherlands Antilles for over three months must apply for a temporary residence permit. You must apply for it in person, at the specific island, to that Lieutenant Governor. You must prove your sufficient financial backing in order to be granted a permit. The process takes about 3 months.

Work Permit

Foreigners who want to work in the Netherlands Antilles are required to have a job lined up with guaranteed employer sponsorship. It is in addition to a temporary residence permit (see above), and you are required to have both of these documents. A residence permit does not entitle you to employment.

You can apply for a residence permit yourself after your future employer has arranged it initially. You must apply for it at the specific island you intend to work in, to that Lieutenant Governor. You must be able to prove your sufficient financial backing for your stay. You need a valid passport to apply for this permit. The process takes about 3 months.

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Moving with Pets

Cats and dogs from Central and South America, other than Suriname, are prohibited.

Otherwise, cats, dogs, parrots and parakeets can enter the Netherlands Antilles. Cats and dogs have to be at least 3 months old, and must be microchipped. All animals are required to have a good health certificate authorized by a veterinarian. Cats and dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, dogs against distemper.

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Other Information

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