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Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand is a very isolated country, consisting of two main islands and many small islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Most of the people are from European descent, but there are also natives and Asians. It is a developed country with a high standard of living, lack of corruption, public education and prosperity. It is also known for its great air and beautiful nature and beaches.


If you are 17 years or older, and applying for residence or work, visit or study visas for over two years, you must submit police certificates and medical certificates.

New Zealand welcomes migrants to their country, if they have special skills, set up a business or make a financial investment.

Work Visas:

For Skilled Migrants, you must be between 20 and 55 years old, and meet the standards of health, character and English language. You must then submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), in which it will be ranked according to skills, experience, education and other factors. If authorities select you, you will receive an invitation, in which you will have to continue with the process. After submitting the documents and applications, authorities will then set you up for a residence permit, in which they may call you for interview.

Under the Investing and Business Category, there are several different options. There is the Migrant Investment Policy, which is for those who will make a significant financial contribution to New Zealand’s economy. There are different requirements for the Investor Plus/Investor 1 and the Investor 2 categories, in terms of age, money contribution and English abilities.

There is also the Long-Term Business Visa, a three year contract where you can set up a business in New Zealand. This can be very specific to your personal interests and goals, so check out some examples.

Also look at the Entrepreneur Category and Employer Accreditation. New Zealand has a strong economy that is isolated from much in the world, and this often works to its advantage for not getting tangled up in other countries’ issues.

Student Visas:

If you are from Australia, you do not need a visa. Those who wish to study up to three months in New Zealand can apply for a visitor visa. It is not required from all countries, such as the United States and most of Europe, so you will just need to show travel tickets, documents and proof of funds. You must fill out an application otherwise.

In order to apply for a long-term student visa, there are different requirements depending on how long you intend to stay. Basically, you must be accepted and invited by an accredited education and show that you have adequate funding. You can usually work while studying, under certain circumstances.

Moving Pets:

Moving pets to New Zealand is an expensive process. You will need to get your cat or dog vaccinated and microchipped. If you come from a country that has rabies, you must conduct a blood test. You also must have a Permit to Import Animals, and a letter from a quarantine agency that shows that you have booked a spot. Your pet will then have to wait in quarantine for thirty days.

Other Information:

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