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Moving to San Marino

San Marino is a small country located within the greater country of Italy, in the Apennine Mountains. Its population is around 30,000, and its capital is the City of San Marino, but its largest city is Dogana. San Marino is the third smallest state in Europe, only taking up 61 square kilometers. It is separate but politically dependent on Italy. Its official language is Italian, its official religion is Roman Catholic, and it is very culturally similar to Italy. San Marino claims to be the oldest state in Europe, and the oldest republic in the world, founded in 301 AD. It also has the world’s oldest constitution, which dates back to 1600 and is still in effect today.


If you stay in San Marino for over ten days, you are required to get one of these permits.

You must submit these documents, translated into Italian: birth certificate; application form; marriage certificate (if necessary); police records; three passport photos; historical state of the family.

Click here for an application form.

You must submit the documents to the Passport Office in San Marino.

Tourist Permit

A tourist permit is issued by Gendarmerie. It can last for a duration of up to 90 days, and could be for the reasons of tourism, school, health or rest. You cannot get health care from San Marino on such a permit. It can be renewed for another 90 days.

Special Permit

Special permits are continuous or seasonal. You must have a job lined up first to be granted either. A continuous permit is for if you have an indefinite job contract. It is granted by the State Congress.

A seasonal permit is for if you have a job that lasts up to ten months. A seasonal permit is granted by the Foreign Office of Gendarmerie. It must be determined that your employer tried to find a local applicant and was unsuccessful.

Study Permit

Study permits are granted for up to one year. They can be for students at any primary, secondary or university level school. You must go to your classes and get satisfactory grades to maintain your permit.

Residence Permit

You can apply to be a permanent resident of San Marino after you have lived there for at five years since you were granted your original permit of stay.

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Moving Pets

San Marino has adopted the PETS passport scheme. You must present a valid health certificate to import your cat or dog into San Marino. It must be vaccinated against rabies, and you must be able to prove this through a blood test. It must be identified by a microchip or tattoo, and you must have a document for this.

Other Information

Click here for information about the history of San Marino.

Click here for a map of San Marino.


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