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Moving to Serbia

The Republic of Serbia is a country in Southeastern European country, which is part of the Balkans and the Pannonian Plain. Its capital and largest city is Belgrade. It became its own country officially in 2006, after former Yugoslavia rearranged itself several times. Serbia is part of the UN and Council of Europe. It is a militarily neutral country that is a potential candidate for the EU. Its official language is Serbian. Its former province, Kosovo, has gained independence, and Serbia disagrees with this. Its government is a parliamentary republic.


Residence Permit

If you are going to land a job in Serbia, you should obtain a residence permit and then a work permit. You must have a job lined up beforehand, and your employer must provide you with several necessary documents before you can get any visas.

You have to have an apartment or other form of residence set up that you can live in while you’re in Serbia, and register this with the Ministry of Interior, Municipal police station, to obtain a “White Card.” Your landlord should accompany you to help you with this process.

To obtain a residence permit, you must submit the following documents to the Serbian police:

1.       Valid passport

2.       White Card

3.       Two passport photos

4.       Employment contract, in the Serbian language; must state that the job starts after you obtain a residence permit

5.       Letter on company letterhead, explaining the duration of the job, its description and salary details

6.       Information about the company’s financial state

7.       Quarterly calculation of sales tax

Residence permits last for six months, and can be renewed.

Work Permits

After you obtain your residence permit, you can then apply for a work permit.

You must submit the following documents:

1.       Application form

2.       Explanation from your company about why they need to hire a foreigner

3.       Copy of valid passport with approved residence visa

Work permits last for six months, and can be renewed.

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Student Visa

You must first be accepted by an accredited educational institution in Serbia to obtain a student visa. In order to obtain a student visa in Serbia, you must submit the following documents:

1.       Valid passport

2.       Completed form

3.       Written acknowledgement of registered place of residence

4.       Two passport photos

5.       Certificate issued by your school

6.       Proof of funds

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Moving Pets

To move your pet to Serbia, you must have it microchipped.  You also must obtain a Pets Passport and have all general vaccination information available. You should obtain an international health certificate, and show that your pet is rabies-free on it. You must also obtain an import quarantine permit and import permit from Serbian authorities.  You are required to obtain your White Card before you take your pet into Serbia. It must pass through customs inspections before entering Serbian grounds. It must sit in quarantine for 21 days, which will be at your residence. You must call up a Serbian vet when you get to your home to let them know you have begun the quarantine period.

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Other Information

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