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Moving to Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful place, with great food, crazy cities, beautiful beaches and friendly people. It is a constitutional monarchy, and was never colonized by a European power (like most of Southeast Asia).


Work permit:

To apply for a work permit in Thailand, you have to have a non-immigrant visa, which you can get in or out of the country.

If you get a non-immigrant visa at a Thai embassy, you must be offered a job. You must present to the embassy:

  1. your job offer
  2. that the company requests you apply for a work permit
  3. the company knows you are dependable and a good citizen, and will respect the laws in Thailand.

Before you apply for this visa, you should ask someone from your company to call the Foreign Ministry in Bangkok to find out what documents are required in your specific application.

After you have your initial visa, you can then start to apply for the work permit.

You must submit the following:

  1. copy of your passport
  2. non-immigration visa
  3. copy of passport page with current entrance stamp
  4. copy of entry card
  5. copy of your degree, resume or transcript
  6. doctor’s certificate that states you are in good health
  7. 2 color 4×5 centimeter photos

Your application will be judged based on your job description. You must be able to fill vacancies of the job market that are rare. Once you get a work permit, you must then get a Thai taxpayer ID card.

Visit Business in Asia for more information.

Student Visas:

To apply for a student visa, you must first be accepted by a Thai institution. You will have to present your admission letter. Some schools accept you via email, but you cannot present this to Thai authorities, so you will have to call to request a letter.

You must then submit the following to a Thai Embassy or consulate:

  1. letter of admission
  2. copy of your passport
  3. four passport sized photos
  4. completed visa application form

Visas usually last 90 days, and are activated once you arrive in Thailand. You may apply for an extension of a year. Once you get to Thailand, you must register at your school and pay the fees ASAP.

Moving Pets:

To move a pet to Thailand, you must get a number of vaccinations. These include: rabies (if your country has it), Leptospirosis, Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus. Dogs must be vaccinated against kennel cough, and cats must be vaccinated against Feline Enteritis and Feline Flu. All animals must be placed in quarantine for at least 30 days. You must present an export permit from the country of origin, and import permit from Thailand, and an Identity Health Certificate, stating its age, breed, sex, color and markings, and the name and address of owner or kennel.

Other Information:

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