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Moving to Venezuela

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a tropical country that is located in the northern coast of South America. The main land is located on the continent, and then there are several other islands on the Caribbean waters. There are also some territorial disputes with the country of Guyana. Most of the country’s population is located in the north. Venezuela is a very urbanized country, but there is also very much nature, and it is a very biodiverse nation with many nature preserves and different wildlife. It is also known as a large petroleum producer. Its capital and largest city is Caracas, and its official language is Spanish. Their government is a Federal Presidential Republic.


To apply for any visa, you must submit the following documents:

1. Valid passport

2. Two recent passport photographs

3. Completed visa application form

4. Payment by money order

Work Visa

Work visas in Venezuela are issued by the Ministry of the Interior and Justice. To pass, they must have prior consent by the Venezuelan Ministry of Labor, which will be taken care of by your employer. The Consular Section of the Venezuelan Embassy in your home country must receive your approval by the National Office of Identification and Foreign Population Affairs.

You are required to prove your qualifications, by sending a resume, your academic qualifications, and anything else that may be appropriate.

Work visas are granted once they pass through the bureaucratic measures, and are valid for one year with multiple entries, and can be extended on an annual basis.

Student Visa

Student visas are granted to those who wish to study in undergraduate, graduate, professional and technical courses. You must submit an application that your school will give to you. This application should include proof that you have sufficient funds to study in Venezuela. You must also send in the acceptance letter from your school, as well as any transcripts or other academic degrees.

Student visas are granted for the period of one year, with multiple entries. If you wish to stay longer, you must apply again to the Ministry of the Interior and Justice.

Moving Pets

In order to move your pet to Venezuela, you must have it microchipped. You must also have your pet vaccinated against rabies, and provide the certificate for this vaccination. You must also present a certificate of good health, completed by an accredited veterinarian.

There may be additional certificates or requirements to obtain, depending on your country of origin.

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