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Learning Italian

Italian is a wonderful language to learn, especially for those looking to move or travel to Italy. It is also a helpful language to know when traveling around Europe, as some people in San Marino, Switzerland, Slovenia and France can also speak Italian.

An estimated 70 million speak Italian as a native language, and about 120 know it as a second language. Much excellent Italian literature and film exists, so becoming familiar with the language makes this all the more enjoyable.

Italian is a Romance language that is the closest present-day language to Latin. Learning Italian can be an easier project for those familiar with languages like Spanish or French. However, many resources are available to anyone who wants to learn the Italian language on their own time.

How to learn to speak Italian

Going to school to learn Italian is one option, but this is not practical for everyone’s time, budget or lifestyle. Fortunately, we are in a very advanced age where countless other opportunities are possible, with all of the different publications and electronic programs out there.

Learning Italian software or DVDs

Learning languages using software programs has become popular in recent years. Italian is a popular language to learn, so students have a few different options available in terms of such software.

Rosetta Stone’s Italian Program – Rosetta Stone has compiled five different levels of Italian language software, from beginners to advanced. The first levels will help familiarize students with vocabulary, and teach them how to speak with no script. By the end of this program, students will be able to perform advanced conversations to plan adventures and care for their health.

Tell Me More’s Italian Program – Tell Me More offers Italian-learning software packages that can be purchased in series of 2, 5 or 10 levels at once. These devices use state-of-the art technology with advanced speech recognition, along with interactive videos and thousands of exercises.

Transparent Language’s Italian Program – Transparent Language also has a few different comprehensive Italian programs. Their Byki Deluxe 4 is meant for people to master core language elements, while their Premium Edition is meant for students to achieve professional conversational skills.

Books for learning Italian

Italian for Dummies – This book is meant for beginners to learn some basic skills, such as spelling, grammar, numbers and small talk. Once they become better, the book helps them through topics like business situations and handling emergencies. Italian for Dummies also comes with an audio CD.

Websites that help you learn Italian language

learnitalian.elanguageschool.net – This website is a simple introduction to basic Italian, and it dissects the language into grammatical points like tenses, negatives and particles. It also goes through necessary vocabulary words and conjugation. It is a good website for beginners who like to learn in an academic fashion.

ilovelanguages.com – This website has three different lessons that cover fundamental vocabulary, adjectives, verb conjugation and other grammatical points.

visuallinklanguages.com – This website has very long lists of Italian words, verbs and phrases. It is a helpful website to use for reference when learning Italian.


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