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Learning Russian

The Russian language is one of the most widely used in the world; it is the most widespread language of Eurasia. Russia is the biggest country on earth in terms of size, and there are also many different Russian-speaking communities spread throughout the world. Many different hard copy and electronic devices are out there for people to learn the Russian language.

Several different methods exist for individuals to learn the Russian language that do not involve enrolling in a course or moving to Russia. People who want to learn the language should be informed on all of these different means, and they can decide which works best for them.

How to Learn to Speak Russian

Learning Russian in an academic manner can be very helpful to some people, but not everyone has the time or money for such a commitment. Fortunately, today there are many different resources and means that one can take advantage of to learn Russian.

Learning Russian Software or DVDs

Several different companies have developed electronic ways of learning the Russian language. Below are a  couple of examples.

rosetta stoneRosetta Stone’s Russian Program – Rosetta Stone is the most famous software company that manufactures this type of electronic language program. They offer Russian 1, 2 and 3. Learners will start with the fundamentals of the language in the first level, like vocabulary and essential structure, and then work their way up to advanced communication skills in the second and third levels.

transparent-russianTransparent Language Russian Program – This Transparent Language program begins the learners with basic vocabulary, and gradually works them up to a deeper understanding of the language and its grammar, reading, listening, vocabulary and more.

Books for Learning Russian

new-penguin-russian-courseThe New Penguin Russian Course – This book is designed to match the mind of an absolute beginner to the Russian language, and then guide them through its 30 lessons and revision exercises.

Websites that help you learn the Russian language

Learnrussian.elanguageschool.net – This simple website is easy to navigate, and lets the learner browse through the introductions of the script, grammar and spelling rules of Russian, through a vast array of different vocabulary words to different proverbs. It is a good place to start.

Russianlessons.net – This website is a well organized, free language course for anyone to use. They cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and are always updating their complex database. This website has helpful resources with their library of different grammar lessons and audio samples.

Practicerussian.com – This website has a lot of free games, lessons and learning materials for all sorts of students. One can learn basics like the alphabet or verb conjugation, or even more specific themes like Russian street signs and music.


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