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Exploring the Parks of Amsterdam



Vondelpark is the biggest park in Amsterdam, and also the most well-known park of the Netherlands. Somewhere between 8-10 million people visit this park every year, as it is a popular spot for both tourists and locals. There are often free summer concerts in Vondelpark, as well as opportunities for everyday activities like dog walking, jogging, sun bathing and roller skating.



Beatrixpark of South Amsterdam is a pleasant, local green space behind the RAI congress center. It has a small lake and some canals, and is known to be a clean park usually frequented by residents.


Amsterdam Bos

Amsterdam Bos is a large, forested park that is located just outside the city. As this park was artificially created, most of the trees are fairly young. It is a very relaxing spot, and people go for pleasant strolls, picnics, bike rides and canoe rides. Fires are forbidden, but barbecues are allowed. In the winter, it is possible to ski on De Heuvel (The Hill). There are also a few lakes and swimming pools.


Frankendael Park

Frankendael Park is located in East Amsterdam, and is a former 17th-century estate that was transformed into a city park. There are two historical gardens in its space, along with a marsh and a sunbathing area.



Oosterpark is located in the Oost/Watergraafsmeer borough of the city, and was originally laid out in 1891. Today, it is considered a local park which attracts a diverse sect of Amsterdam’s population, instead of being a tourist trap. Oosterpark is a pleasant place to get away from the city center in order to enjoy its lawns, ponds, paths and children’s wading pool. Several interesting sculptures are located throughout this park, and it also hosts the Amsterdam Roots Festival each summer.



Located in the Oud Zuid part of Amsterdam, Museumplein is a large green square in the midst of the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Diamond Museum and Stedelijk Museum. The crowd at this park is a mix of locals and museum-goers looking to take a break from the city’s culture hub. It has a reflecting pool that turns into an ice skating rink in the winter time. Several concerts are put on in this park throughout the year as well.



Sarphatipark is part of de Pijp neighborhood, and is a pleasant park full of students and young professionals. It is in a good area with lots of nearby cafes, and is close to the Albert Cuyp Market.


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