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Airfares to Hawaii are very cheap right now

HonoluluOne of the more frustrating things about airfares in the United States is that flights to Hawaii are almost always weirdly expensive. There is a lot of competition, it’s a domestic flight, and weather problems that can confound some routes are non-existent. Yet for some reason flights even from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Honolulu are almost always at least $500.

At the moment that is not the case, and you can find nonstop flights for well under $400 from several cities. Better yet, this is for high-season travel meaning January through March, so if you are thinking about flying to Hawaii you might consider booking soon.

Destination: Hawaii

Some people prefer to stay on Maui, but flights to Honolulu will always be cheaper. Right now you can fly nonstop from Los Angeles to Honolulu for $360 including all taxes and fees, and this is for January on Hawaiian Airlines. You can fly on Continental, Delta, or United (operated by Continental) for only $370 round trip.

Better still, you can fly from San Francisco to Honolulu for only $340 round trip. This might seem odd since flights from Los Angeles are almost always the cheapest from the West Coast, but an interesting trivia fact is that San Francisco is actually slightly closer to Honolulu than Los Angeles is.

From Seattle the price is only $350 round trip, and from Portland it’s only $370. This Hawaiian Airlines sale is a fantastic bargain since these flights are usually around $550 to $600, even during the slow season in summer.

From New York City the round-trip airfare to Honolulu is $670, which isn’t such an amazing deal, still it’s quite a good price compared to normal. In that case you might even consider flying from New York to Los Angeles on a cheap cross-country flight and spending a few days there before going onto Hawaii. It’s unusual that you can get a pleasant stopover like that included for the same price as the longer flight itself.

Other than Honolulu?

If you’ve been to Hawaii at least once you are probably aware that Honolulu itself is a very large city that doesn’t have the charm of most of the popular beach resorts elsewhere in the islands. The good news is that you can fly from Los Angeles to Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii for only $370 round trip, only a bit more than to Honolulu itself.

To fly to Maui you’ll have to pay at least $500 at the moment. That’s still a great deal compared to normal prices, but it’s still very tempting to take advantage of the sale prices and go to either Oahu or the Big Island.


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