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Amazing airfare deals to Leipzig, Germany, of all places

BerlinToday’s topic is a shocker and could be an interesting lesson for anyone planning a trip to Europe in the coming months. Normally the cheapest European cities to fly into are always London, Frankfurt, Paris, and Amsterdam, but today I noticed one that is far cheaper than any of those, at least for now, and it’s to a small airport you’d never expect.

The title of this post gives away that it’s a deal to Leipzig, Germany, which is in the former Eastern part of the country. I’d be surprised if it was even one of Germany’s ten busiest airports, but still I can confirm that this is a valid offer that is still available right now.

Destination: Leipzig, Germany

At the moment the current cheapest fare from New York to London is $610, but you can actually fly round-trip between New York and Leipzig, Germany for only $450 in November of this year. Weirdly, it involves a short flight from New York to Boston on JetBlue, and then a flight from Boston to Paris on Air France, and then a short hop from Paris to Leipzig, also on Air France.

This is incredibly rare to have a 3 segment trip be by far the cheapest way to get there. Normally that flight to Boston and back would cost $150 itself at the very least, and a flight from Boston to Paris must cost at least $700 most times of the year. This is just a quirk of the airline system, so it’s worth looking for these deals when they come up and then booking them immediately.

Leipzig itself is a pleasant enough town with an interesting city center, but honestly what I’d do if I was ready for this ticket would be to spend a day or two there and then take the train into Berlin for a few days, and then to Prague for a few days more.

Both of those other cities are quite cheap, and the trains between all of them are cheap as well. You could spend a week over there on this ticket and the whole thing would be under $1000 per person, including hotels and meals. Normally the flight itself is going to be close to $1000, so this is a steal, and also during the pleasant autumn season when the weather is still decent but crowds are nowhere to be found.

Finding deals like this elsewhere

There’s no great science to coming across these deals so it’s best to just scan blogs like this one and do some random searches yourself from time to time. People who have flexible schedules will often find an airfare deal like this to somewhere fun, for perhaps half the normal cost.

If you can purposely keep your schedule flexible and only sign up for trips when you come across these great deals, you can honestly have an extra vacation each year for the same money that most people spend on just one.


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