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Flights to California are on sale right now

SanFranciscoAs many people have noticed, we’ve been talking mostly about international travel in this column lately, so now is a good time to mention a new fare sale that will be easy for many people to take advantage of. As you can tell from the title, there is a fare sale for cross-country flights on right now, and it’s a good one.

Destination: California

Right now American Airlines has a fare sale on that has plane tickets as low as $250 round-trip between the coasts, including all taxes and fees. The cheapest destination I can see is between New York and San Jose at $250, and Oakland is the same price. For $260 you can fly into Carmel, believe it or not, though there is a long layover along the way.

Rather than listing all the various fares here now it’s easier to mention that you can fly between several large cities in the east, including Washington DC, Boston, and Philadelphia, and many large cities in California, for around $300 or even less at the moment.

One thing that sets this fare sale apart is that so many airports are involved. Often you’ll see an offer where flights between JFK and LAX are a bit over $300, and to fly to any other airport in California it’s closer to $400. That becomes a problem because California is so huge that most people would actually rather fly into another airport, even in the San Francisco area, so in most cases you either have to pay a much higher price or you have to fly into an airport that you’d rather avoid.

You can even fly into Santa Barbara on American Airlines for only $320 round-trip. In most cases that flight would cost at least $500 if not more because Santa Barbara only has a couple cross-country flights available per week. Santa Barbara is about a 3-hour drive from LAX and there is a huge range of cities where you might intend to go that are far closer to that coastal town than the main Los Angeles airport.

Time is money in California

As someone who grew up in the Los Angeles area and who left partly because of the traffic, I can assure you that flying into the closest airport to your intended destination is a really big deal. You might save 2 hours on the way there and on the way back, plus a huge headache and the worry of missing your flight.

Contrast that to New York where the vast majority of visitors are going into Manhattan. The three airports there are between 30 and 60 minutes from Manhattan, and each has public transportation that never gets delayed much.

This fare sale that covers so many cities is exactly what many people have likely been waiting for, and you won’t be seeing prices this low until next year at this time.


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