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Museums in Seville, Spain


Fine Arts Museum

Seville’s Fine Arts Museum is located in the 18th century building, Convent of la Merced, and it has 15 large halls with art from the 13th through 20th centuries. There are lots of works by famous artists like El Greco, Zurbaran and Murillo, and some nice ceramic, gold and silver materials on display. It also features temporary exhibitions, photographs, a library and archives. This is considered to be one of the best Spanish art museums.


Provincial Archaeological Museum

The Provincial Archaeological Museum is situated in the Plaza de America in Maria Luisa Park. There are lots of Roman, Phoenician and Tartesian artifacts from the region. Some materials on display include old plates, beakers, statues, precious metals and more.


Bullfighting Museum

The Bullfighting Museum is a new museum that was created in 1989. It displays the costumes of several famous bullfighters, photographs, trophies and other memorabilia of this tradition. It even has a cape painted by Picasso.


Naval Museum

The Naval Museum is housed in the Torre del Oro, which is a defense tower built in the early 13th century to defend the harbor of Seville. This building is today one of the city’s landmarks, and visitors can get amazing views from it. The museum itself has some maps and antiques that illustrate the region’s naval history. There are also some artifacts like navigation instruments and etchings.


Contemporary Art Museum

Seville’s Contemporary Art Museum is situated in the charter house of the Santa Maria de las Cuevas. It focuses on art from the late 1970s until today, and features a permanent exhibit and temporary halls that have works of sculpture, painting, ceramics and tapestries. Some of the artists it features include Antonio Rodriguez de Luna and Guillermo Perez.

Cathedral Museum

The Cathedral Museum is a fantastic place for people interested in religious art. The museum is located in the antechamber of the cathedral, and it has lots of religious attire, gold work, jewelery, paintings and cloths.


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