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Top 10 Countries with the Hottest Men

After the great success of our top ten countries with hottest women, we thought it was time to help you ladies with choosing your destination of expatriation!
Discovering the charm of a new country is always a great pleasure but we must say that creating a list of the top 10 countries with hottest men gave us a hard time: so many styles and places to choose from!

Without further ado, here is our highly debatable list :

10: Brazil


Tanned skin, sense of rhythm, incredible smiles… Brazilian guys are hot for sure! The main issue is the strong competition with brazilian women, butย  don’t be pessimistic. Being an expatriate could add to your sex appeal…

9. USA


Don’t you want to hug this poor lonesome cowboy? Great nature escapes are always good opportunities to walk on the wild side…

8. Japan


Asian countries are popular for beautiful men but Japan is probably one of the countries with the most refined and elegant ones. Needless to say that their great sense of fashion is also a big plus

7. Cuba


Cuban men are very sexy latin lovers. A proud people, a strong and rich culture, beautiful guys… What are you waiting for? Go to Cuba!

6. Greece


Are you looking for a tall, dark and handsome man? The “looks like a greek god” cliche is still very vivid for our greatest pleasure.

5. French Polynesia


Being french I felt I couldn’t really put French men on the list as it could be judged unfair… but I couldn’t resist to French Polynesia! The famous “sea sex and sun” song from Serge Gainsbourg should have been created there… ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Spain


Not only are they beautiful, generous, and friendly. But with their particular taste for ‘fiesta”, you will never be annoyed with a Spanish man.

3. South Africa


Mali, Morroco, Nigeria, Egypt… Africa is one of the continents with highest competition but south africans seem to find the right balance: muscular, powerful, virile, brave… There are just not enough adjectives to describe them!

2. England


There is no mystery… The reason why they are more and more on TV is because we just love this British accent! A subtle mix of sensuality and elegance… What else do we need?

1. Italy


Masculine and mediterranean, our macho men are inevitably the winners in this contest.
Don’t you love when they smile at you while speaking passionately with their hands about this important soccer game?

Looking forward to reading your comments!


124 thoughts on “Top 10 Countries with the Hottest Men

  1. this list is nuts…Italy is last? Japan before italy oh sure! There may be a few sexy Japenese men but not enough to make this list…Irish men seem to be handsome, Arabs are cute but do they treat women good? I will check out the serbs and isreal since everyone keeps saying they are hot…lol

  2. Greece Eww Italians, Greeks and Spanish are the most ugly men in all of Europe. The all look like the situation sooooo not my type ewwwwwww. The South African guy is so nasty ewww. French Polynesia thats a joke right… CUBA and Brazil hahah Cubans and Brazilians are so ugly they are 5 feet tall and have a unibrow. Japan….Come one really.

    Who ever made this list has no taste in Men at all or preferences to ugly hairy men with unibrows…

  3. Italy, Spain and Greece have the ugliest men in all of Europe. Japan are you joking? The South African man is nasty. Cuba, Brazil and French Polynesia WTF this is the worst list ever. Australia has the hottest men and they are not even on the list. I am guessing a straight man mad this list. This is the worst most made up list in the history of the world…

  4. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder and you will have extraordinarily hot looking guys/girls in every country just like you will have unattractive looking girls/guys. Amber and Trisha sound like stereotypically obsessed women that are looking for below average looks to match their fat ugly appearance, after all ugly women and hot guys look like caviar tossed on a meat pie with sauce YUK. Sorry but bogen women need not apply;)

  5. British does not belong there,

    Mediterranean countries along with some germanic and slavic guys are very attractive, South Americans too. That’s it pretty much, occasionally attracted to arabs but seldom to Asians or Blacks

  6. i think that all countries have some beauty i wouldn’t rate them cause that’s from my point of view. but these are countries that have masculine beauty

  7. Cuban guys are soooo hot! But the one in that pic is ewww compared to the ones in Cuba. And Spanish guys are so hot too, I haven’t really met many cute brazilians guys, and Irish guys ARE very attractive. Nowadays I see a lot of ugly (pauly D looking) Italians. And British are charming. Africans are so-so I guess cuz I have met some cute Africans. But every country has their sexy and not so sexy people, we should categorize them like how robin and Trisha are. They’re probably two ugly senile hags who haven’t seen men in years.

  8. when we talk about face european men like a prince and middle eastern tall dark and handsome when we talk about bodies south american is the most sexiest when we talk about dick blatino is the biggest black latino handsome sexy bodies and huge dick ive got a research on it i see some of them personal now i need blatino

  9. Hum! This list is not good! Turkish men are cute! Real turkish delight lol. Nigerian men have great bodies. Most italians & british I have seen are a no no. Spanish,Israelis,palestinians,lebanon, also attractive. Ethiopian men so so.
    Now who said South Africa? I live in S.A the average guy is short, skinny, no sense of style(even though its designer) not very charming, facial features are a minors (excluding some khosas).
    Mozambiquen men are very charming playful and easy to like. They also average in the looks department but normally have nice almond shaped eyes (mulatos are cute) german,russian,& ukrainian women fall for their charm. When they study in EU they normally return with a blue eyed blonde bomb shell.

  10. Nobody added Turkish guys into this list hah? I think you should consider Turkish guy, they are the first and the best. All girls are agree with me ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. All depends on taste. For sure the most ugly men r in Poland (im polish, so i know what i speak about) and East Europe – ugly, no charm, no class, fat… I met very attractive men from Germany (tall, nice body, face, class), from Scandinavia (Sweedish r really attractive, with beautiful body build), of course from Italy and Spain (but already not the same body like North European for example, some of them r really tall and sexy but most of them r small / short :), most of French r also very sexy and so elegant (real Gentelmen) and very good lovers, of course some of arabic countries have very hot men (Iran, Dubai, Kuweit), Lebanon, Israel and Turkey as well. Never African or Asian – not for me, not my style. Gentelmen from USA and Autralia r incredible ๐Ÿ™‚ I prefer Caucasian, they r also the best lovers. Italian also r good in bed. Hot man its not man just with beautiful face, eyes and body, its man wit charm, class and education, the same for woman. Without this qualities u can be attractive only for 5 minutes, no more ๐Ÿ™‚

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