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Top 10 Countries with the Hottest Men

After the great success of our top ten countries with hottest women, we thought it was time to help you ladies with choosing your destination of expatriation!
Discovering the charm of a new country is always a great pleasure but we must say that creating a list of the top 10 countries with hottest men gave us a hard time: so many styles and places to choose from!

Without further ado, here is our highly debatable list :

10: Brazil


Tanned skin, sense of rhythm, incredible smiles… Brazilian guys are hot for sure! The main issue is the strong competition with brazilian women, butย  don’t be pessimistic. Being an expatriate could add to your sex appeal…

9. USA


Don’t you want to hug this poor lonesome cowboy? Great nature escapes are always good opportunities to walk on the wild side…

8. Japan


Asian countries are popular for beautiful men but Japan is probably one of the countries with the most refined and elegant ones. Needless to say that their great sense of fashion is also a big plus

7. Cuba


Cuban men are very sexy latin lovers. A proud people, a strong and rich culture, beautiful guys… What are you waiting for? Go to Cuba!

6. Greece


Are you looking for a tall, dark and handsome man? The “looks like a greek god” cliche is still very vivid for our greatest pleasure.

5. French Polynesia


Being french I felt I couldn’t really put French men on the list as it could be judged unfair… but I couldn’t resist to French Polynesia! The famous “sea sex and sun” song from Serge Gainsbourg should have been created there… ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Spain


Not only are they beautiful, generous, and friendly. But with their particular taste for ‘fiesta”, you will never be annoyed with a Spanish man.

3. South Africa


Mali, Morroco, Nigeria, Egypt… Africa is one of the continents with highest competition but south africans seem to find the right balance: muscular, powerful, virile, brave… There are just not enough adjectives to describe them!

2. England


There is no mystery… The reason why they are more and more on TV is because we just love this British accent! A subtle mix of sensuality and elegance… What else do we need?

1. Italy


Masculine and mediterranean, our macho men are inevitably the winners in this contest.
Don’t you love when they smile at you while speaking passionately with their hands about this important soccer game?

Looking forward to reading your comments!


124 thoughts on “Top 10 Countries with the Hottest Men

  1. ok thanks so much for this! its the last year im on holidy with my family, before university and they are letting me pick the destination. since i’m not going with anyone my own age i want there to be lots of hot guys for me to oggle ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. ha – i love the representation of these guys. English guys tend to not look like David Beckham and that is the first Greek male model I have ever seen. I’d say Jordanian men and American men. Hopefully more people will respond so I’ll know which countries to visit! There is a real drought of good looking men worldwide.

  3. the first place is right with italians, but i do not agree with greek men because there are more middle easter countries with hotter men example: The christian Lebanese men. One more thing i wanted to add is that japan shouldnt be on the list, england shouldnt be number 2, i think Brazilians can top them out.

  4. African men tend to be muscular as you say, but if their was to be a contest with the hottest men in the world south Africa would never see the list maybe Morocco

  5. What about australian men.. hello! there are so many hot bronzed aussie men to choose from. lol.. but i do agree with the spanish men.France should be in cluded in this list instead of Japan. Japanese men look like women.

  6. I can’t believe we have put the beautiful spanish men at a lowly number 4! :'(
    They are by far the most beautiful, generous, lively, fun bunch ive ever had the pleasure to encounter!
    I believe that the typical english bloke has a heck of a long way to go to be placed above any spanish lad!

  7. In my opinion, probably Greek and Japanese men. The Greek are known for their nice tamed bodies and what girl wouldn’t get turned on by that? Japanese men, their just too ADORABLE.x3

  8. what bad taste. half the men in this are plain how did the brazil guy and cuba and south africa guy get in this, they are average looking men.

  9. The best looking man Ive seen is australian and Ive seen men from many countries. This is a dud list ,half the men are average on this list though the best looking one is the spanish guy

  10. Yeah Japanese guys look like girls.. Greek guys are the hottest IMO. And Australian only cos my boyfriends Australian

  11. I think Korea has the sexiest men alive. Italy and Spain were always my top choices a while back, but I’ve recently come to notice how attractive many Korean and Japanese men can be, and now I’m only interested in Asian men, LOL. But I definitely don’t agree with England, and I’m really not so sure about Greece. Not because of the photos, but because a lot of the English and Greek men I’ve seen really aren’t that good-looking. Cuba has good-looking men, but that picture really doesn’t do any justice.. And South Africa is another one I’d have to disagree on, but only because they’re not really my type.

  12. I live in spain and I have to say giving spanish men a 4 on the list is not right in my opinion. spanish men are soooo not good looking! Majority are short except the young kids and perhaps there are 4 or 5 famous celebs to come out of spain such as Antonio banderas and the like but on average spaniards are…how shall I put it in a nice way! UNATTRACTIVE

  13. i definitely agree with Emily, i’ve noticed Australia churns out some of THE hottest of hot manly men. those tan, muscular, beach bodies, and those accents… wooooo…

  14. Italy 4sure!!!!!!i’ve been on a holiday there and on the msc cruises and everytime its the most hottest guys ever!

  15. I don’t know why Croatia is not on here. When I was passing the border there, there was not one single average-looking border control police. Not to mention that a great number of them are porcelain-skinned and have dark hair and dark eyes. Magnificent ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. whoever did this list has got serious problems…
    Where are the tall and nice guys of the Nordic?The sporty laid-back Australians? The gorgeous French men?The funny and sexy Balkan-guys?

  17. I’m japanese, but I’d rather say either Hongkong or s.Korea should be on that list instead of Japan. It’s true that Japanese guys have best fashion styles among Asian countries, but they are not romantic, at all!

  18. After travelling and visited 50 plus countries I can honestly say that Argentina (and by this I mean mainly Buenos Aires) holds the most attractive men. Hands down. No questions asked. And seriously England no 2? Really? Couple of lookers but mostly inbred…

  19. haha I hope you didn’t just stick Japan on their in an attempt to represent Asian countries. Asian men tend to be scrawny and rather feminine in my opinion as an Asian girl. Of course there are many exceptions (especially if the live in a culture that emphasizes muscle building etc) but Japan, or any other Asian country, should not be on the top 10 list solely based on appearances. That said, this is your opinion, so of course, it’s going to vary with everyone else. I agree with USA! But it’s kinda obvious since many Americans are a mix of European/Latin/other ethnicities, which easily mold into something good. Anyways- Great list!!! Just need to swap Japan for Australian and bump it up a few places along with the US. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. I must totally agree on French Polynesia, well Polynesia in general but mostly Samoa and New Zealand. However, I don’t think you’ve been to South Africa, they should be on the top 10 at all.

  21. i’m american that lived in italy and went to school in several places around the world and i can tell you italian men our by far the best looking, but there as high maintance as french women……if you love the sweetest lies whispered in your ears get an italian!!! there great for vacations but never long term relationships

  22. It’s all about taste. For some people hottest man means a man with great body and muscle but some people don’t think so, they interest more to the brain, style and attitude. Btw..i think most asian women prefer asian men, so they might not agree with the list.

  23. im turkish and not into white guys, yep USAns r exception appear intelligent and mature, second Persian jet blackies.

  24. Ah, where are the Kiwi men? Obviously the best. How can some soft European compete with the raw manlyness of a kiwi bloke?

  25. lol, these ladies are wack, aha i cant imagine booking a trip according to the sexiness of its men. I have noo idea how i got on this site but since I’m here i might as well contribute, Africa should definetly be number one, niggas in Africa are soo fine, if anyone is looking for tricked out guys dip to Sudan. My word you will not regret it.

  26. What an idiotic list. England at number 2? LOL The English are teh ugliest people in the white world (along with the Canadians.)

  27. the is this tribe in South Africa, we call them AmaXhosa and it’s where tata mandela is coming from, they are the only beutiful tribe in Africa, and they are also very clever.

  28. @Xavi ur comment south Africa is not so true. There are a number of handsome intelligent men in SA who are not Xhosa. So don’t impress the world with ur stupid notion that everyone who’s Xhosa includes Mandela is handsome and intelligent.

  29. I am an Australian male of Italian heritage and in general Australians are a good-looking nation of people. I have travelled to many countries and I was in awe of the guys and girls in these countries, in order starting with the best: Romania, Argentina, Greece, Turkey, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France, Hungary, Czech Republic. There are a few countries I don’t wish to mention where I thought the people are rather plain. However, there are genuine and kind hearted people in all countries I have been to which means much more to me than looks.

  30. Oh, I almost forgot, there are really gorgeous women and many handsome men in India, especially in the north, and I believe the people in Pakistan are very attractive as well.

  31. You should’ve seen the Women’s World Cup soccer final this year, there were more hot Japanese male fans than USA male fans. There was a group of Japanese male fans that were almost naked in the stands! While those USA male fans this were either frat boys or bent out of shape. They were plain ugly. Well, Japan won, anyway. While USA lost.

    Anyway, talk about hot men in countries with little to no women. You also forgot China too. The men there are refined and elegant and there are little to no women there.

  32. Western USA usually has the hottest dudes because they’re well dressed and cowboys aren’t just plain White. Some are Asian, Latino, Black, etc. and they have that Western drawl.

  33. There are many different ethnic groups in Australia, some of them are also mixed. I have also been to a number of countries around the world. I found that Northern Indian men, Middle Eastern especially Lebanese and Iranian men, some men in Cape Town, many in Buenos Aires, in Japan, mixed Filipino-Spanish, people from the Balkans are quite handsome.

    I have to disagree with those who think most Asian men are feminine, soft or female-like. Some Thai and Indonesian men are quite manly. Maoris in New Zealand are handsome too and definitely manly but their ancestral link can be traced to Asia. East Asians can look like a woman but not all of them.

    I particularly like Northern Italian and Nordic men too. French and Spanish men can also be sexy.

    It doesn’t matter if they were black, yellow or pink (white), there are handsomeness in each group of men.

  34. Ithink absolutely wrong classation. I’m Italian woman and I think that the Bulgarians are the hottest mens on this planet, followed on 2nd place by the Brazilian mens.

  35. I’m a model ,travel mostly always and have seen probably 80 percent of world’s nations and people,and generally speaking u can’t define who are the most beautiful,cause everybody has their own sense of beauty BUT!
    I was shocked to find out that Germany wasn’t included,I remember my first visit there,and NEVER in my life in One day I’ve openly starred or awed over more than 10 guys,super tall,beautifully toned bodies,blondes or brunettes,striking eyes,just walking down the street you could spot faces like from the covers of Vogue L’uomo.
    And speaking about italians,if u’re into dark skin and the rest also it light be but!for sure as everybody else wouldn’t like their personalities or lack of respect or social manners,of course not all of them but 5 years of my visiting didn’t change the opinion one bit

  36. Strange list,so influenced by media but far away from reality.Brittish men are the ugliest in the world.Japanese mainly look the same to me.I am surprised you haven’t put guys from the Balkans.Serbs are very handsome and sexy.Tall,strong and genetically look very muscular.I have never seen so many good looking guys like in Belgrade.

  37. Big,big mistake who ever made this list don’t have taste for guys. Lebanese should be # 1 for it’s a fact theuy r real hot and manly.

  38. What about israel has anyone looked at that country. Almost everyone there is a model. Any wonder why it is believed that they are Gods chosen people?

  39. Plus, guys in Israel love alpha females too. They’re very submissive and obedient to their women and let their women do what they want. Which is why American women dump overly macho American men for metrosexual-like Israeli men, who stay in the house, cook, clean, and watch the children.

    Also, the media does tend to alter the way guys look so that way they look more attractive to women.

  40. i’m from Israel…its true! the most handsome,hot and beautiful guys are from there..Now i moved to Mexico and i want to cry-its not even one cute guy around!!! I want go back to Israel!!!

  41. Wow, where is Australia in this list?? I’m from the USA and I went to Melbourne last year and found the men absolutely gorgeous! Aussie men are so hot and manly, and I am surprised they didn’t make the list.

  42. No way.. I travelled a lot and I saw many many countries.
    I’ve never seen boys as handsome as the italian ones.
    I still remember a boy, more or less 1,80m tall, brown hair and almost black eyes. God i’ve never seen someone looking that handsome. And his gaze left me without any defense…

  43. 01. And the man pictured for Japan is NOT a real Japanese…He’s half Chinese and half Japanese…

    02. And Guesttt is right, Swedish guys are HOT!

    03. I know people like Italians and they look good to me, but if you’ve been to Spain and Italy you should know the truth that Spaniards from Spain are definitely hotter!

    04. Excuse me? Where’s German? German guys are HOT, too!!!

    05. Lastly, the real No.1 is.
    .Spanish men(from Spain)!!!!!

  44. Oh one more thing: I completely agree with Ana.
    Brittish men are really ugly, don’t tell me there are only R.Patt and D. Beckham in your eyes, you can easily find tons of R.Patt look-alikes in Spain!(Not every man looks like Javier Bardem or Antonio) And yes,Serbs are VERY handsome!!!! I LOVE them!!!

  45. Israel?…yuk! Ugliest race on planet earth with long noses and strange faces and that’s just the men. The women are 10 times worse hard and mean faced and they look just as they are. East europeans hating on Brits Ana maybe because you didn’t succeed over here?

  46. The list is all wrong.
    The hottest men are in GREECE, LEBANON, HUNGARY, some parts of BRASIL, CUBA, ARGENTINA, RUSSIA, the Balkans (CROATIA, SERBIA, MACEDONIA).
    No offence but in the UK/USA handsome is not the common currency unlike these places. AUSTRALIA is way bettter because it’s got so many Greek, Lebanese etc immigrants.

  47. Two places where I’ve seen some remarkably good-looking men are Northern India and Pakistan; at least, when they are in their 20ies. I agree with the comments that Serbian men are often handsome. I would add their neighours to the list, for instance Bulgarians. Faces often just more interesting than in central Europe or North America.
    South East Asian countries have many beautiful women but the men are mostly bland.

  48. Young Arab men. I don’t mean the malnourished ones in some tiny Iraqi village.

    Um…whoever says Russian guys that’s disgusting. I’m Russian and admit that 99% of Russian guys are gross, fat, short, balding (and alcoholics, disrespect women, twisted sense of mentality on life to boot). Russia is one of the few places you’re gonna find a 6 foot tall beautiful, willowy, thin, high cheek boned model with a short frumpy beer bellied nepoleon complexed dude (they do it for the money).

    And the comment about Israelis being harsh faced and mean looking…not all. SAFARDIC jewish men often look exotic, mysterious, tan.

  49. @Leny (Number 8)
    You’re wrong. I live in Japan, and love the beautiful Asian men I see here. Also, my husband is a native of this country. I’m looking at this from a non-Asian perspective if that counts for anything. I come from the bloodline of the “supposedly” most beautiful men; the Italians.

  50. where is indians.they should have been the first. if u dont believe pls do see the photos of indian actors sharukh,hrithik roshan,salman khan, vijay, ajith , surya etc.,

  51. DUTCH MEN are handsome and they don’t know it. Now that is what makes them very appealing.They are smart, honest and very direct to the point of being blunt but they are caring individuals, only not too open about their emotions. TALL, SEXY and boring? Not really… I firmly believe they are husband material . =)

  52. God god, some of the comments are very childish, there are good looking men in every country, everyone has different tastes….. its impossible to do an accurate list. Dark or blonde,tanned or fair, musclar or defined, blue eyes or brown? ITS IMPOSSIBLE.

  53. what about algerian men, i am not talking about the arabs one but i am talking about the berbers , they are hot ! handsome and cut!plus they have no religion so they can do anything in bed !

  54. All OK guys… but aren’t we forgetting TURKISH guys…

    Here is my list and I have lived in 10 countries.


    I won’t count USA, UK or India … when you are on the road you do not see handsome men anywhere.

  55. I don’t think it’s right to say there are no men in certain countries that are attractive, simply because some countries are incredibly poor whereas most on this list are REASONABLY prosperous.

    For example, I know quite a few Bangladeshi-origin men here in the west and most are utterly gorgeous. One of the guys was a mechanic and I swear he should have been a male model or something.

    But I can’t imagine his circumstances are the same as most of the villagers in his country growing up dirt poor – they’re just not going to look as good. So sometimes you have to bear that in mind.

    Totally don’t know why Japan is on this list though. They’re very well off (so no excuses), and the men really don’t look that great at all (no offence to any Japanese).

  56. Trust me i have been around…..the Japaneese men are the hottest creatures on these planet!!!

  57. Vouns faites l’injustice et samblant de ne rien voir:Le numero du sex est L’Homme noire quelque soit son originalite,c’est inee dans leur sang et ils n’utilise rien pour satisfaire les FEMMES

  58. Why are so many of u ignoring America? It is the most diverse place on earth and has BEAUTIFUL men from EVERY ethnicity! Plus, American men are strong, fit and very smooth. But of all the American men, Black Americans are the sexiest! Whew! Chris Brown, jeremih, trey Songs, Tyrese…WOW!

  59. That list is rather subjective. As someone from the US, I don’t see a lot of attractive men, unless one likes beer bellies more often than not. The ones from S.Africa, Brazil, look like any of the many Hispanics and blacks or Arab types we see in our cities. Again not too hot.

    The Japanese? Some are nice looking but many are on the smallish side. And like the poster above noted, the picture is of Takeshi Kaneshiro who is half Chinese. Most do not look like him nor do any look like Gackt.

    British men on average do not look good unfortunately. Many have horrible teeth. They don’t have good hair either (many shaved).

    Not too crazy about Spain as we have too many Hispanics who like to crow about their Spanish blood so “Spanish” is a bit of a turn off for many.

    Greece? Meh.

    But the big head scratcher is French Polynesia. WTF?

    The only one there that deserves a place in the top ten is Italy.

    Imo, countries that should be amongst the top ten are Australia, Denmark and Sweden.

    Again all subjective.

  60. Japan? Wtf I live in England and really cute English people are scarse, however Scottish are more appealing – havent’ seen any cute asian men here though. Some guys from Syria and Iraq are nice(if they are not bald already by age 30)I agreethat AUstralia and Sweeden should be included, been to Sweden and could see them almost in each corner! Same in Canada, Canadians can be tall and very polite and overall good looking!!! Hmm sorry for the Spanish but been there – and also see them here all the time- as well and didn’t see many Head turners -maybe because they are spread all over Europe?

  61. i’m half japanese and i have lived in japan. and japanese men are definetely not my type. half of them looks like women and the other half is just ugly

  62. This is rather a subjective matter. How to define “hottest”?? In fact, It much depends on your personal “tastes”, whether u like sexy, sporty, beautiful, artistic, or cute guys, it all depends on your personal preference~ For me, I like sexy guys and I don’t appreciate those beautiful-as-a-girl male stars in Asia. I’ve lived in Japan and Hong Kong for a few years, and find that Japanese men are quite different as wt we suppose they’re. Generally, most of them are very short (even compared to other Asians) and look weak. They’re not beautiful either~ So, reality is reality ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. This seems horribly inaccurate! Why did USA and Britain make the list?Besides that the most famous and ‘hottest’ Japanese men always look like women….

  64. yes, the sexiness of a man depends on how he carries himself, confidence and how he treats women and others.
    Eyes can be a big factor
    Height also.
    Beauty is the eyes of the beholder.

  65. lol, japan ? what ? i think for asia, we could all agree that southeast asian men are more beutiful than those of eastern asian origin. filipino, indonesian and thai has the best looking men in asia i think. i mean, tanned, friendly, warm, unlike those cold eastern asian lol

  66. The Hottest? Let me think!

    Lebanon, Morocco, Israel, Cuba, Brazil (and everyone with similair herritage)… To my opinion!

  67. Aa, why arent lebanese no 1?!they r the cutest guys ever! Non r black(im sorry, its just that their not my type) and all r players with bewildring smiles, especially the ones with light blue eyes and dark hair, or the ones with hazel eyes and straw hair… They r simply, GORGiOUS!<3 they look alot like italians, and trust me, im originally from there and ive been to lebanon and live in america..americans(no offend) arnt so apealing..most r fat and not stylish..while lebanese men AND women, care so much about their looks..Aa, why arent lebanese no 1?!they r the cutest guys ever! Non r black(im sorry, its just that their not my type) and all r players with bewildring smiles, especially the ones with light blue eyes and dark hair, or the ones with hazel eyes and straw hair… They r simply, GORGiOUS!<3 they look alot like italians, and trust me, im originally from there and ive been to lebanon and live in america..americans(no offend) arnt so apealing..most r fat and not stylish..while lebanese men AND women, care so much about their looks..Aa, why arent lebanese no 1?!they r the cutest guys ever! Non r black(im sorry, its just that their not my type) and all r players with bewildring smiles, especially the ones with light blue eyes and dark hair, or the ones with hazel eyes and straw hair… They r simply, GORGiOUS!<3 they look alot like italians, and trust me, im originally from there and ive been to lebanon and live in america..americans(no offend) arnt so apealing..most r fat and not stylish..while lebanese men AND women, care so much about their looks..Aa, why arent lebanese no 1?!they r the cutest guys ever! Non r black(im sorry, its just that their not my type) and all r players with bewildring smiles, especially the ones with light blue eyes and dark hair, or the ones with hazel eyes and straw hair… They r simply, GORGiOUS!<3 they look alot like italians, and trust me, im originally from there and ive been to lebanon and live in america..americans(no offend)

  68. for me Swede are really the good looking men. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am asian (south east), i hang-out with a swede guy last. He is 12 years older than i. I’m on my early 20’s I met him in a dating site. When we first met (for real) at first i was afraid coz i am so worried with our age gap and he doesn’t look good in his pictures he sent me. But i was really WOWed when i met him personally. My jaw drop… Haha. He doesn’t look old as his age… Geeeez he looks like his only 25 or 26, and he has a nice body, nice abs haha, and he dressed up so nice. After i met him i didnt mind about his age. He always looks good in my eye. Very handsome man… ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. arab guys are hot, be it mix or pure, come to the arab lands like uae, saudi, qatar and bahrain….the most hot is egyptians….but really all countries had their own hot guys….the longest and cutest and hottest….arab guys is the best..no need language…imagine silver tan..

  70. Ewww I’m from Australia and girls here think of Lebanese and other arabs as disgusting pests preying on defenseless girls on the beaches. Gross alot of people here see them as major turnoffs.

  71. lol It is clear that your subject Make the other get angry.
    I am an Arab But I did not praise the Arabs Because we have ‘Theorem Says ((who praises himself a liar)).
    But from my point of view Better marriage Arabs.
    If I idea to marriage From abroad.
    I Best Turks and Italians, Chechnya and Afghanistan.I respect the Japanese But I think Most of them like women.

  72. I had somehow assumed to see many handsome men in Lebanon before I went there. But when I was actually there I did not see so many of them. Many tend to be short and fatten at a relatively young age. As for Egyptians, there certainly are handsome men but pudgy faces are quite common in Egypt.
    I have come across quite a few Afghans living abroad recently. Not only are their manners often remarkably polite but a striking number of them have fine and clear-cut features, bronze skin, a slender built and generally a manly look.

  73. heres my list hihi not in any order tho


    theyre hottttttt!! i’d like to marry one of them someday hahahahah

  74. What a ridiculous list. Do NOT go to South Africa. One third of the country is HIV positive and it is the rape capital of the world. What an incredibly inappropriate suggestion.

    Brazil isn’t much better, and could be the world capital of infidelity.

    Spanish men are insincere mummy’s boys who live with their parents until they find another woman to cook for them. Lame.

    Greece? I can’t remember the last time I saw a Greek man who was taller than 5’6 and didn’t have extreme chair hair issues.

    Italian men are world famous for hitting on anything that moves, whether they are married or not.

    You should add Germans and Scandinavians to the list. Plenty of very handsome men, with some integrity too.

  75. I agree with Aloush. Lebanese men are so heavenly. And lets not even talk about Morocco, India, and all those hidden gems around the Gulf. (I particularly love Arab men and I’m Jewish!) Now if everyone thought like me, just think what an amazing world it would be. everyone in LOVE!

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