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Navigating the Major Cities of Bangladesh



Dhaka is the largest city in Bangladesh, as well as its capital. It is a mega-city that has about 7 million people in the urban area, and almost million in the metropolitan region; it is also one of the most densely populated cities in the world. As one of the largest and most important South Asian cities, Dhaka is the economic, political and social center of Bangladesh. Dhaka is a city of many different mosques, and is also referred to as the world’s rickshaw capital. Geographically, it is located in the center of the country, in the delta region of the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers. Its climate is hot, wet and humid, and it undergoes a monsoon season.

Because of its massive population, Dhaka does suffer from problems like crowding, congestion and pollution. Nevertheless, it is undergoing some projects to modernize its transportation system and general infrastructure. It is becoming an increasingly attractive place for foreign investors. There is also a growing middle class population, though there is still a very high unemployment rate of its residents. Almost everyone in Dhaka speaks Bangla, the national language of Bangladesh.



Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh, with a population of 2.5 million, and a metropolitan population of 3.8 million. It is also the most important seaport in Bangladesh, as it is situated by the Bay of Bengal in the southeastern part of the country. Most of the terrain around the city is hilly, and it has a tropical monsoon climate. Chittagong is a major commercial center that has modern facilities undergoing development, so it can continue to attract foreign commerce and investment. This city has been an important economic crossroads since ancient times, so it has a very diverse population as well as a variety of interesting architecture ranging from mosques to shrines to modern buildings. Lots of tourists flock to Chittagong for its beach, intensive hill area and cultural resources.



Khulna is the third largest city in Bangladesh, with about 855,000 inhabitants. It is located in the southwestern area of the country, on the banks of the Rupsha and Bhairab Rivers. There is an important seaport, Mongla, which is located on the city’s outskirts. It is a large industrial center with a large part of its economy focused on newsprint and shrimp processing. It is also undergoing transformations, like Dhaka and Chittagong.


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