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The Science and Technology Museums of Beijing, China


China Science and Technology Museum

This is a centralized science and technology museum, meant to promote scientific and cultural literacy to the public. This museum holds science exhibitions, training-based exhibition programs and experiment-based exhibition programs.

There is Exhibition Hall A, which exhibits ancient Chinese technology, such as astronomy, the compass, gunpowder, bronze use, paper and printing. There is then a collection of exhibits on modern Chinese technology, such as heat, optics, electromagnetics, acoustics, nuclear and information technology. Exhibition Hall B has displays of astronautics, energy, communications, life science and environmental science. Exhibition Hall C has one of the biggest Astro-vision theaters in the world with very advanced cinematography.

Beijing Yushengtang Herbal Medicine Museum

This interesting museum has over 3,000 items on display, showing how herbs are a vital part of Chinese culture. There are not only herbal medicines for show, but also statues and fossil inscriptions from the Ming and Shang Dynasty that are related to the topic. The museum is a trace of herbal medicine in the contemporary world back into the ancient world 6,000 years ago.


Beijing Museum of Natural History

The Beijing Museum of Natural History has many exhibits of life from millions of years ago. There is a Dinosaur World that has a Jurassic Park and Cretaceous Park, with dozens of fossils on display from those eras. The Ancient Animal Exhibition Room that has many primitive and simple creatures on show. The Human Being Exhibition Room has evolutionary evidence of human development.


The Tank Museum

Interested in military technology?

The Tank Museum in Beijing exists between the Summer Palace, and the Badaling part of the Great Wall of China. Its eleven exhibition rooms contain about 1,400 items, including many photographic displays. Its rooms show many examples of Chinese armors, tank armored cars, and weapon models. It has tanks that date back to 1916 and go into the current age.

Geological Museum of China

This is an older museum, and is one of the best geological museums in Asia, containing about 200,000 specimens off all sorts. It contains dinosaur and bird fossils, as well as teeth from primitive humans. They also have stoneware, stone pearls, bone needles and other artifacts from ancient humans. Other halls have things on display like mineral rocks and crystals, diamonds and stratum paleontology. This museum is also host to several research projects about dinosaurs, volcanic activity, botany and primitive birds.


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