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Costa Rica Retirement Video Review

Costa Rica Retirement Videos has come out with a comprehensive guide: “Move, Live, Retire in Costa Rica.” It is full of practical knowledge for those interested in relocating to the country in retirement.

The retirement video begins with a general introduction at which it then breaks down into its following sections. This introduction provides many professional panoramic shots of the diverse landscapes, and explains how Costa Rica is very rich in fauna and flora, beautiful beaches and all sorts of water. It also touches on how citizens of the country enjoy political stability, modern infrastructure, foreign investment and healthcare, as it dives into some of the urban and business visual scenes.

The next section is “Facts and Figures: Why Choose Costa Rica?” It is a more practical section, offering information about airports and the shipment of personal goods. It also explains the reality of the weather, how there is a rainy season and a dry season if you are there permanently, but no snow! It touches on some information about the Ticos, the native population, and describes them very positively, as being friendly and eager to help. It also explains living expenses, and shows some examples of typical housing, as well as parks, food and some industry that you would experience living there. It even lets you know that Costa Rica is becoming famous for its plastic surgery, and has developed dental care.

The “Regions” section offers a breakdown of all the different parts of the country, so you can decide which one fits you best: Central Valley, Northern Plains, Caribbean, North Pacific, Mid Pacific and South Pacific. It explains which have the major cities, which have the best surfing, best nightlife and other information.

The “Lifestyles” section goes into the lives of four examples of expatriate retirees. It explains the difference of life in the city or the country. It explains the lives and experience of these individuals, what brought them to Costa Rica, and why they remain there. It offers insight into daily life, such as building and upkeeping a house, tending animals while living on a farm, going to church and even going to the hairdressers.

This DVD is definitely very informative and well-organized. It explains the reality of living in Costa Rica in the perspective of a certain life style. It is great information for those who are considering becoming expats in their retirement years.


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