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A Weekend in the Unique Basque Country in the South West of France

Basque Country

Do you need to spend a weekend full of discoveries away from your daily routine? Consider spending a few days in the amazing Basque country. With its charming villages, beautiful nature and mild climate, it attracts visitors worldwide.

Where is the Basque Country?

It is ideally located in the South West of France, next to the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and the Spanish border. The French part of Basque Country is divided into 3 territories: Labord (Basque: Lapurdi), French Navarra (Basque: Behenafarroa), and Soule (Basque: Zuberoa).

What can I do there?

The Basque country has everything to satisfy any type of requirements! Gastronomy, seaside and mountains, beautiful cities like Bayonne, Biarritz or Saint-Jean de Luz with many cultural activities, spas and health centers.  You will also find an exceptional range of sports and leisure including surf, sailing, hiking, fishing, rafting; as well as many other typical activities like Chistera, Corrida, Cesta Punta, golf or rugby.

A strong culture

Not only will you find this place beautiful, but you will be seduced by its strong character. The Basque culture relies on folklore, music, and proud people still using their own language. Take pictures of their striking architecture with white buildings and red timbers, churches and frontons. And don’t forget to buy souvenirs from their well developed local industry (linens, pottery, sandals and makilas).

What about safety?

Despite some vandalism related to their fight for independence, the Basque Country has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. You just might want to keep away from political topics with the locals to avoid any offense.

Where to stay?

Choose between all kinds of quality accommodations, depending on your tastes, from hotels to campsites, self catering houses and B&B.


3 thoughts on “A Weekend in the Unique Basque Country in the South West of France

  1. I couldn’t agree more, the Basque country is incredibly beautiful and should be on every visitor to Spain’s list of places to see. The countryside is like a mini Switzerland with chalets dotting the mountainsides.

    The Basque people are amongst the friendliest in Europe and generally make visitors to their cities feel very welcome.

  2. Agreed! I love South-west France. The people there are warm and friendly, the countryside is stunning and the food and wines are unbeatable!

  3. I live in Ecuador and it is a wonderful country. Its people are so nice and kind, they will give you the most warming welcome. I have put together ahelpful fcat sheet, and also an article on Ecuadorian manners and customs.

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