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Exploring the Forests of Germany


Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest is located by the Czech-German border of Southeastern Germany, where it then extends into the Czech Republic as the Bohemian Forest. It is a wooded, low-mountain region. The Bavarian Forest is what remains of the Hercynian Forest, which used to extend many miles into Germania during Roman times. The Regen River flows throughout the area. Part of this forest is the Bavarian Forest National Park.


Black Forest

The Black Forest is located in southwestern Germany, in Baden-Wurttemberg. The Rhine Valley borders the forest to the west and south. There are a few rivers that flow throughout the Black Forest, such as the Danube, the Enz, the Kinzig and others. The highest mountain of the Black Forest is Feldberg, which is slightly under 5,000 feet tall. Most of the trees are pines and furs. The forest is suffering problems due to logging and other exploitation. It has also been developed into several human-accessible areas with hiking trails, as well as mountain biking and skiing areas. The city Freiberg is located within the Black Forest, as well as Calw, where author Herman Hesse was born.


Hurtgen Forest

The Hurtgen Forest is in the north of Germany, on the border with Belgium, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Rur River flows through the eastern end of the forest. There are many valleys that carve out large plateaus, where the valleys are wooded and the hilltops are cut. Many visitors come to this forest to learn of the Battle of Hurtgen Forest, which was a long, drawn-out, violent winter battle from 1944-1945.



This forest is sprawled out over a range of hills in the Wesser District of Kassel, Hesse. It is a very influential forest, having been the basis of many Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The most famous part of the forest is the Sleeping Beauty Castle and the surrounding wildlife park. Most of the area is heavily forested, especially with oaks and beeches. There are only a few country roads that cut through Reinhardswald, and there are only a couple places located directly in the forest.

Bramburg Castle
Bramburg Castle


Bramwald is a forest situated on a hill range in Lower Saxony, in the center of the country. There are a few streams that run throughout Bramwald, mainly in the east-west direction. The forest itself has no towns in it, but there are a few towns located throughout its borders.


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