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Britain’s Happiest Expats Live in New Zealand

New Zealand

A new report recently revealed that New Zealand was the highest rated destination for British expats.

The kiwi nation was rated highly in almost all areas by those currently living there. It has one of the lowest average property prices in the developed world, lower taxes than in Britain, and expats claimed that the New Zealand culture offered a better, less stressed quality of life.

Other reasons commonly cited as New Zealand’s benefits were hotter weather, more beautiful landscapes and less traffic jams, apparently big issues for Brits! Furthermore, although it was noted that wages are significantly lower in New Zealand than in Britain, those wages went a lot further than the higher British wages went back home.

The report surveyed 2000 British expats living in 12 countries, and even though New Zealand came out on top, most expats living in all 12 locations typically claimed that their overseas lifestyle was healthier and benefiting them financially. Of all the expatriates surveyed, 86 per cent believed their lives were better than before they emigrated and 92 per cent said they were happier. In other words, becoming an expat is as much a wise and practical decision as it is a whimsical, adventurous one.

The other countries ranked consecutively behind New Zealand as follows: Canada, Australia, France, the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, the U.S., China, Singapore and Hong Kong.


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