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Reminder to Expats: Don’t Be a Bonehead

A Scottish expatriate living in Spain was recently banned from driving there after being caught speeding at 169mph, the fastest speed ever recorded on a Granada motorway.


We think this is an appropriate time to remind expats everywhere our first rule of expatriatism: Don’t be a bonehead. You aren’t Jason Bourne. Understandably, there’s a sense of freedom you can get from being a foreigner in another country that’s exhilarating and carefree. But remember that you’re representing people from your home country too.

And besides, the man was fined a staggering £3,000 for the offense, on top of now needing to hire a driver.


2 thoughts on “Reminder to Expats: Don’t Be a Bonehead

  1. Yeah, for sure. I have met so many expats that think they are above the law. Pretending not to speak spanish or doing other stupid stuff. It’s just rude and ignorant!

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