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RV Parks in Mexico Beach, Florida

I personally only know 2 RV Parks / Campgrounds in Mexico Beach, Florida, although I have seen information about a 3rd one online – more on that later. In any case making a reservation is very strongly suggested if you are planning to show up during high season. I also recommend that you check out some of the reviews of the different parks at rvparking.com and rvparkreviews.com to see if the places sounds like something you would enjoy before reserving.

El Governor RV Park / Campground

The busiest of the two is the El Governor RV Park, which is part of the El Governor Motel but across the main street through Mexico Beach. It is also the best located if you want to take a break from driving and walk to everything. However, it is also the busier one, and finding a spot here is going to be more difficult during peak season. Their website doesn’t offer much help in learning anything about them currently, but maybe by the time you read this someone has updated it.

Rustic Sands RV Resort / Campground

Rustic Sands Campground is the other park I know of personally. It’s about 1 mile back from the beach in a rustic, sandy campground setting on 20 acres which is actually quite charming. I personally feel this park fits my mentality a little better since it is quieter and you have more space. I almost felt like I was camping at a state park, but we had full hookups and were within easy biking (and not that bad walking) distance to the entire town. It was also completely void of road noise that you get up front at El Governor. They also have a nice pool area, although it is not “large” by any means.

Rustic Sands also offers cabin rentals if you want a campground experience but don’t want to or can’t bring your RV with you.

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Islander RV Park

I have seen a 3rd park referenced online, called the Islander RV Park. However, I was not able to find it at all! Even some of the online reviews point to a website with the same name, but the location is in Lake Havasu, AZ instead of Florida. If you’re able to find anything about this park, I would appreciate feedback.

Here are couple places I saw them online: